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Schools say iPods becoming tool for cheaters

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 29, 2007.

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    It has been for a while!

    the only reason I passed physics is because of the notes feature... :p
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    RIGHT ON!!!!
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    I wish iPods had been around when I was at school, I might have passed School Cert maths and english.
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    well, duh. :p

    i mean seriously, what teacher would let a student use an iPod during a test? thats nonsense to me personally. but i guess some teachers/schools are out of the loop in terms of modern technology.
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    yeah...ive never exacly been good at science...:eek:
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    iPods... any other players... phones... wads of paper....
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    yeah, I dont see how this is any different than any other method. Actually, a PDA or phone, with internet, would be much more useful. Or even a PDA with just some basic search feature.
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    thats nothing at our school they banned the use of brains on tests. That darn thing just stores all the answers to well.
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    Sucks for you! :p

    It doesn't have to just be iPods. The students who really wanna cheat are gonna use anything available to them to be able to cheat.
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    more like calculators are a bigger problem as they are usually permitted lol

    say ti-89's anyone?
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    meh, my ti-89 is my friend.

    while its not cheating it does give me unfair advantages but whatever. If the off chance I forget how to do something, I can usually compute everything it could be until i get the right answer.

    example I needed to remember 4 common Pythagorean triples for right triangles. I remembered a number off each of them and through some advance equation solving and searching through all possible answer i found all 4. something that would not have been, timewise, possible on the 84. also i can store notes in it but i could that with the 84.
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    Way back when I was in High School I had a ti programable. I don't remember the model. I had it programmed to do physics problems by inputting the knowns. Some kid ratted me out, but the teacher told him that if I was smart enough to program the calculator to do the problem I knew enough to use it on the test.
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    Inkpen writing on back of hand, the new cheating tool? Find out at 6.
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    That takes too much work. I just ask my neighbors during a test what the answers are, especially for multiple-choice tests. In college, the desks are so closely packed together in a small room (much smaller than high school) that it's too easy. Have to sit in the middle of the class though.
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    That's why when I proctor a test, I sit behind all the students. Our computers randomize the questions and present them only one question at a time though, so it doesn't take students long to realize they are wasting their time looking around.
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    Back when I was in high school, I was kicked out of math class for 3 days because I brought a calculator.

    Now the calculator is mandatory... :rolleyes:
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    "Good evening. And now our top news story:

    School officals across the nation are taking note of a new kind of cheating device: a ballpoint pen. Researchers say it's a phenomenon sweeping the nation..."
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    Sounds like my spanish class:cool:
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    oh i know people that will type a crap load of equations as text files on their 89's and pretty much have notes on thier calc during tests. doesnt affect me much since most of my exams are open book which is uber dumb in my opinion. makes it soooo much harder
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    I tried cheating with an iPod once. I put down "Jagged Little Pill" for the capitol of Greece, "Iron Butterfly" for the sixth planet and "Purple Rain" for the period where dinosaurs ruled the earth. :rolleyes:
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    amen to that!
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    Most schools in the UK will only allow a calculator to be taken with you to the desk of your exam.
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    Father Jack

    This is why many of today's teenagers are fecked if their battery goes flat :eek:

    In my young days there weren't any iPods or calculators ....... come to think about it there weren't any batteries either!!!!
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    makes you wonder how people got degrees in engineering without computers/calculators and whatnot. i cant even imagine it ahhhhhh!

    engineering is hard enough with calcs and computers lol

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