Score! Got two upgraded G4 Digital Audios for $150.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Anonymous Freak, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Anonymous Freak

    I saw an ad in my local Craigslist for a pair of Power Mac G4s for sale, $80 each. Apparently the guy was the area sales rep for a national company that folded, he was working out of his home. The company never asked for them back, and he has since purchased a new iMac, so he decided to sell them reasonably priced. He labelled them as a 533 MHz and a 466 MHz, with unknown RAM, one with a 60 GB, one with a 120 GB hard drive. No monitors included, only one keyboard and one mouse between the two.

    He had wiped the hard drives of both, so no OS was installed.

    I got there, plugged in the LCD I brought along to make sure that they booted up to the standard 'no system' icon without sad Mac'ing, they both did. So I offered him $150 for the pair. He accepted.

    I get them home, and there was a grand total of 2.75 GB of RAM between them, (five 512 MB modules, one 256,) and upon installing an OS, it turns out that the "533 MHz" one had been upgraded to dual 1 GHz!

    Both have the stock CD-RW drives, the 466 has an ATI Rage Pro 128, and the 533, neé dual 1 GHz has a GeForce 2MX. (Their stock video cards.)

    Considering PowerMax sells a 533 MHz, 256 MB RAM model for $150, I think I got a heck of a deal.

    That definitely was a good upgrade from my B&W 300 MHz G3. And if I get a decent monitor, I may even use the dual 1 GHz to replace the aging 1.25 GHz eMac as my wife's main desktop.

    (And just last week I missed out on a 17" Studio Display LCD with the ADC to DVI converter from Craigslist.)
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    thats one hell-of-a good deal.

    Makes me wish i could find those kinds of deals in my area on Craigslist.
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    Well done, ehurtley! :cool:

    Nice Dual 1 GHz upgrade, will support Leopard too!
    Why not get Leopard Server on that for the sweetness of it all!! :apple:
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    hahaha, you made out like a bandit there! that was a great deal you got there. the 512 sticks alone paid for everything. not to mention the upgraded graphics card.
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    Anonymous Freak

    The video cards are stock. The processor was the big deal. (Plus the RAM, of course.)
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    my mistake, i meant to say processor card :p
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    That is definitely a great deal.

    Have you considered selling them off with all of those upgrades and getting yourself at least a top of the line Mirror drive door possibly a G5.

    Think of yourself your wife is fine with the eMac. Then when your sleeping on the couch you can still dream of using your Powermac:p.

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