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Scotsys to close Glasgow store as Apple outlet hits trade

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 4, 2008.

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    A small, out of the way store, a subway ride from the city centre. Bad service and unfriendly staff.

    I'm surprised it didn't shut earlier.

    And Scotsys will march on, despite, somehow, being manned by a bunch of eejits. :rolleyes:
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    I'm with BigAndy, I always got crap service from Scotsys and their products were slightly on the pricey side - for Apple that's going some!

    I believe that they held the education contracts for most local authorities and that's what maintained their sales, not too sure if this is still the case tho.
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    now hopefully apple can get the princes street store they are looking for next year and they can rid us of scotsys from the high street.

    they were utterly unhelpful and this is a good thing....apple store service only serves to keep customers, scotsys chased them away
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    Edinburgh store has always been friendly and nice..
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    Anyone know if they'll have a closing down sale ? :D
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    Finally, some justice! These guys took 90 days to replace the soundcard in my powerbook G4, and the part failed again a few months later. The Glasgow Apple store replaced it in under 24 hours.

    I don't know how they have been able to stay in business this long with such poor service. Their staff are rude, and through my experience I am lead to believe that deceiving customers is the norm for Scotsys.

    Roll on with the Princes Street store!
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    Yeah - now Marks and Sparks moved both of their Princes St stores together, there is an empty slot. Not sure if it has been bought yet, been a while since I've paid attention to the shops on Princes St..

    Come on Apple, give the capital something to cheer for!
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    Santa Rosa

    Could see it coming the moment the Buchanan store was announced. The Great Western Road Scotsys didnt stand a chance even if the service was good. Their store doesnt even hold a candle holder far less a candle to Apple Buchanan.

    When I was there speaking to the guys they didnt seem rude but you could see that if someone came in and didnt really know what they were talking about I think they wouldnt really want to pay much notice or give them much help.

    Shame for the people loosing their jobs too but again if I was working there I would have probably seen it coming.
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    I agree... That's why I didn't mention it in my previous post, highlighting all the negatives about the Glasgow store.. ;)
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    I like the guys in the Edinburgh store, but they never seem to have what I'm looking for in-stock, so the sooner Apple decide to open a store through here the better tbh.
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    I think several of the people who used to work at Scotsys can now be found behind the Genius Bar at the Pier.
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    And they've now sold their Edinburgh store to Cancom.
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    Scotsys were rubbish, kind if inevitable that they went the way of the Dodo. Considering how much money the Glasgow store is now making Apple will no doubt be opening a few more stores in Scotland.

    There is some pretty salacious gossip about a senior manager in the Apple Glasgow store though. Something about in store dalliances, wonder if Apple knew it when they hired him?
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    I really wish they'd open a store in Edinburgh.

    There is plenty opportunity - quite a few sites along Princes Street that would be ideal. Possibly be the best view in any Apple Store - big glass windows upstairs looking straight across to Edinburgh Castle.
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    It wouldn't shock me if the site was already signed up. Glasgow is a success and there have been sightings of the development teams hitting other locations in Scotland.
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    Add me to the list of people who'd really like to see an Edinburgh store. It never fails to amaze me how difficult it is to buy Apple kit here (particularly the latest hardware) without having to drive through to Glasgow.
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    John Lewis? 2 year guarantee as well.
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    John Lewis in Glasgow only has the older models of MacBooks and Pros. They have the iPod range but with the Apple store down the road you have to wonder why they bother.
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    John Lewis Edinburgh has all the new Mac range. And you get a two-year guarantee (first year with Apple, second year a third party vender, but still, an extra year covered for free).

    Even with an Apple Store in Edinburgh, I'd buy any Mac computers from John Lewis.
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    Not the last two times I needed to buy a laptop. I guess its just that the Apple Store will always get stock first and other stores, even premium resellers, just have to be patient until their stock comes in. Often following refreshes, I've found stores like John Lewis still have the old model in stock for a couple of weeks and are selling it at full price.

    Its not exactly the end of the world, but would be nice to have the option to buy new Apple kit locally when it comes out.

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