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Screen flickering on MBA Rev B

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AndiG, Dec 7, 2008.

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    Nope no flicker.
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    interesting, did you set your brightness to full ? Otherwise it won't become obvious...
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    Yep I keep brightness always to max.
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    You can ignore Ironic's reply. He is one of the few who received a perfect unit but makes no contribution to the threads except to tell others that he has no problem and encourage people to take the risk to go get one.
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    First he asked me a question, an I don't have any flicker on the test page, also yes get one as we have seen it is not all that common, many here have perfect MBA's, the one we should ignore is you, you are running around yelling"the sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

    Yes, I doubt its that big of a problem maybe 50 people max, of the thousands they sold, you just try to start problems.:rolleyes:
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    Didn't you check the poll and the thread "Thin Horizontal Lines on Rev 2 MBA?" before you purchase? People are sharing their experiences and trying their best to determine the cause.
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    Just wondering if you have checked on the poll and the post by frifra (#527). Please do not make falseful claim when you have no proof or whatsoever. At least we have a poll for reference at the moment.

    AndiG, please do not be worried. I am sure Apple will response to this.

    Mod, please close this thread !!! Thanks.
  10. h1d
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    50 max? Oh... right, those 50 must be well scattered right at the Apple store. The staff are good at choosing the only few defective ones available to be put right at their store. And all the blogs and slashdot and forum posts are made out of the only precious 50 units out there. Must be as good as treasure hunting, especially for those who keep getting defective displays after exchanging, you should tell them to buy lottery instead. So, either Ironic stops posting or we stop poking him or he will ruin the thread out of fact less post. Funny you think we started the problem, I say, Apple did. (And your spams trying to hide this defect, which so far, only looks funny and again funny you are the one that told the moderator to close the thread when you've been the problem.)
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    Read the thread again, I said nothing wrong at all and you want to attack me, I hope it does get closed, I just don't think it widespread there are more like me that thinks it just a few, everyone has a opinion and I am using mine
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    back to topic!!

    I tried four different MBAs and every MBA was flickering when showing this pattern. (I am getting headache when using these screens)
    My MBP and my iMac show this pattern rock solid.
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    First, thank you for the link to the screen flicker test.
    I did not notice any 'flickering' however I do have the thin horizontal lines. Perhaps some video of your 'flickering' would help us better understand the issue you have.

    Thank you again,
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    Its useful having a link to that pattern.

    I will try at home.

    As for stats. For a person to go to the effort of posting on a forum there must be thousands of actual defects in the real world. Most people do not check things like this. This is not an isolated case.

    And lets not rule out that some people eye sight is better then others :) Some will never ever have these issues ;) .
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    No flicker here. No lines on the screen.

    The early 08 and late 08 have a slight difference in the display, but it is so minimal that without me setting them side by side I wouldn't notice.
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    Which week number does your MBA have?
    So if you compare the testpattern[1] side by side with your Rev. A MBA, there is no difference in the flickering?

    [1] http://www.csse.uwa.edu.au/~lucas/background.html
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    Wow they thought i was just saying that, a few others also have no flickering.
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    Sold my rev A MBA this week and purchased the 1.86, 128SSD in Columbus, OH yesterday; so can't compare the two.

    BUT, the new MBA has some serious flickering. The screen is beautiful but going to the link posted above showed just how much flickering there really is.

    My MB 2.4 has NO flickering when going to the same link. I like the MBA but I think I should return this one and use the MB. Maybe I'll wait until this has been resolved to purchase again.

    BTW, there are many things I like about the MBA but the alum. MB is really nice and this comparison has made me appreciate the size and power of it. (Although the screen in the MBA is noticeably better.)

    I took some video with Snapzpro of the flickering and will post if I get a chance.
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    Thanks for your replies. I've read the thread about the thin lines - I think that I don't have this problem, or I just don't see it.
    I've heard Apple is working on a patch or at least a statement for the flicker problem.
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    There is no flickering on the early 08 model or late 08 model sitting on my desk side by side. What I do notice is a slight difference in the display's. I don't know the best way to describe it, I would say the late 08 model is slightly bluer if that gives you any idea. I know that is not a very good description but it's the best I can come up with. The only camera I have here with me right now is a lowly 7 mega pixel Sony so it doesn't take a good enough pic to really see the difference.
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    I was asked to post my info.

    Attached Files:

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    Interaction with ambiant lighting...


    One thing to consider as you test the image to see if there is flickering - are you using flourescent lighting in the room?

    When I used that test image in the Apple store, on a Rev B MBA, there was a LOT of flickering. Afterwards I wondered if the store's ambient lighting (flourescent) was worsening the flickering.

    Food for thought - I could be wrong. I'll test this tonight - I have flurescent lights in my basement.
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    I tried both. And it was flickering in both cases.
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    no light on for me, just window light
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    Could you post the actual file ?

    thanks !

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