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Screen Protector Install - Use Water? DI Water?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Cowabunga, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I've seen some install videos where people are spraying "solution" on the screen and protector when doing an install. I have some cheap Amazon screen protectors (3 for $3), which obviously did not come with a solution. I was thinking of using regular tap water, or perhaps some DI water from work to do the install. What do you guys think?

    Also, they used a hair dryer to blow any dust off the screen prior to install. If I turned it on real quick to blow it off, would this be OK, or would you guys be worried about the heat from the hair dryer? I can't seem to get all the dust off with the microfiber, every time I wipe the screen there is a new particle or two.
  2. xraytech, Apr 4, 2011
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    Tap water is fine and Canned Air is better. Using a blow dryer will just blow dusty air on to the screen and the longer you use it the more dust you'll kick up.

    Key is once you've blown off all the dust, liberally spray water on the screen and screen protector. You want a fairly thick layer of water between the screen and screen protector so that you can float the film into position. Once in position squeegee out the water.

    And this thread should be in Accessories. =)
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    Whoops, can a Mod move this please?

    Thanks for the tips xray

    Has anyone done this with DI water instead of tap water? Seems like it might work better. Any danger with putting water on the screen? I see guys soaking the screen to apply the covers in videos so I assume it's ok. You also mentioned a liberal amount.

    Also, is there any danger of pushing to hard and damaging something on the screen (like an lcd computer monitor) with a credit card that I'd use to get the bubbles out?
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    Let's just say if you crack the screen, you used to much pressure.

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    Different product but same principle.

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    Ok guess I don't have anything to worry about with a credit card then!

    Thanks for the video xray.

    I tried the install, it certainly has some bubbles, but I didn't coat it with any solution or water. Had the help of a friend. We were in one of our medical labs clean rooms. I hadn't noticed he used a medical wipe on it though, which is just alcohol based, is this an issue? I know you aren't supposed to clean the screen with anything but a microfiber because there is some compound on it, is that correct? Could something be messed up from this?
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    Plain water and microfiber is all you need to clean the screen.
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    I totally agree! Actually, I don't even use the water. I've read a bit about the oleophobic coating and I know alcohol isn't recommended. I wouldn't have done it myself, but it was a coworker who used it when I wasn't paying attention. So now I'm worried if a few wipes with the alcohol pad could have gotten rid of the oleophobic coating, or taken a good bit of it off.
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    Don't know just don't do it again.
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    Now that I think of it, even if the oleophobic coating were to wear off, wouldn't the fact that you're using a screen protector make it not matter anyway?

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