Screen size... important when developing iPhone applictaions?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by chipandtoast, Dec 13, 2009.

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    Will an iMac be better than a MacBook when developing iPhone applications because it has a bigger screen and is faster. Or will the extra screen space and processor speed not really matter while developing?
    I ask because at the moment I cant afford a MacBook and a big 20+ inch monitor.
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    I develop on my MacBook fine. To be honest processor is basically irrelevant for development.
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    If you NEED a laptop then get one. If you don't need a laptop then get a 24" iMac. The 24" screen is great.
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    Ok do you know around how much a 21 inch monitor will be from a decent brand like dell? $200? :confused:
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    Look on their website. I got a professional quality Dell 22" for £200 earlier this year.
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    Not at all. Any recent mac model should have plenty of screen retail space and processor to develop for the iPhone.

    Personally, I use a 24" iMac, but I'm sure a laptop would work fine if you were willing to use Spaces to go between the documentation and XCode.

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