Screen spanning on iMac G5 dangerous?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Diatribe, Oct 25, 2004.

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    This is from MacInTouch

    I don't know how valid that concern is but I thought I'd let you guys know.
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    Sun Baked

    Somebody will probably compare the iMac G5 to the Rev B+ SP PowerMac to see what changed in the firmware.

    Though I think somebody said the machine has it's own product PowerMac x,1 designation -- like the cube had.

    So it may be running it's own set of modified firmware -- unlike the iBook/PowerBook 12s, which the OS considers to be in the same family.
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    Regarding iBooks, surely the people who are applying this patch are those who want dual screens and will thus be keeping their lids opened. Not a big deal really but something to keep in mind though I guess.
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    Simple, never close the lid on the iMac and you'll be safe. ;)

    (the first person who says the iMac doesn't have a lid gets smacked)
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    Repeatedly :D
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    The question is only how much more heat this creates and if this is dangerous for the iMac screen... if it is not much, oh well.
    And who the hell would run an iBook with the hack in clamshell mode anyways? :eek:
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    that was my first thought too... :)
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    i think the lid is an option in a package with the sides:p
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    i would have liked to run my old iBook in clamshell mode. but i realized the risks of it so i kept in open in dual monitor mode. but now that i have a powerbook i use clamshell mode all the time. i dont really see much of a benifit expanding to the 12" screen. . . unless i really really need a little more space (you know, like when there are so many windows open when you 'expose'(with a funny thing over the e) them they are too small to read!)

    as for a lid, i will ask about that at the apple store the next time im in, im curious as to know how much an add-onn like that costs. when i checked about the sides they said that came free with request! so maybe the lid is the same way
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    apple will start having to ship the iMac with a warning - 'Do Not Operate your iMac while still in box'
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    This is what I meant. Crazy enough to not think about the heat and use clamshell mode. I rarely use spanning on my 12", actually I hate spanning on everything that hasn't the same size. If I'd have two 23" CDs now THAT'd be awesome :D

    The lids are supposed to be coming in now but the sides are just asked for way too much. Apple just underestimated the demand for the sides. :D
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    With my powerbook screen and external screen on running multiple windows and apps keeps the GPU much cooler (ca 20C lower) than playing ut2003 (or another 3d instensive game) on the 12-inch (without the external on), so i don't think a second screen will burn out your iMac.

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