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    Apple claims over 200 new features coming in iOS 5. One that was listed amongst the slides was a new iPad Music app, and while it was visible and briefly mentioned in during the keynote, some readers may have missed it, so here is a screenshot passed along to us by a reader.

    Article Link: Screenshot of iOS 5's New iPad Music App
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    EWW gross, I don't like it at all!
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    will playlists be synced, too?
    That would be great! :D
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    Well, at least they have good taste in music. I love Something Corporate.
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    Agreed I always liked the iTunes style layout. Shame. It's not that this is terrible (particularly assuming gestures etc are in there) but still, it's a shame to me.
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    What happened to Genius Mixes?

    Not sure I like this layout.
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    I like the additions, but why is it so ... Ugly?

    The App now is at least in line with iTunes and iPod in iPhones, but now it's quite distasteful. It goes to say, that maybe iTunes 11 will feature this new look.
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    Playlists have always synced to iPods and iOS devices
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    I don't like it. I guess for local content it's OK, but it's a step backwards when using Home Sharing to view the 54,000 songs on my Mac. Can't get list view, no quick jump alphabet indexes, etc. I also don't see a quick "shuffle library". I want the old interface back.
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    One of the things I was hoping would change in IOS5 is the iPod app on the iPad. I really don't like the existing one, it seems to be half iTunes, half a giant IPod.
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    The iPod app is one of my least favorite things on the iPad. I especially hope they tweak the way that you add songs to playlists (like dragging songs). Going into a playlist, hit edit, hit add songs...not a great way to work when you're listening and you want to just add one song at a time quickly. How about a way to add songs to playlists from the song view?

    Along those same lines, how about a way to work backwards from songs in iTunes, why not have a view that shows a list of all playlists a song is in?

    And what's up with lyrics pages constantly jumping back to the top after a few seconds? No other scroll interfaces jump on their own, is that intentional for some weird reason or just a bug?
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    Not only is it ugly, but it's useless if you have 40 playlist and will have to scroll through way too many pages to get there.
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    I really like this new look. It's a completely different feel. To me, it looks and feels like a piece of retro stereo equipment. I'm using this on my iPad. The screenshot posted here does not show the "now playing" info in the top-middle of the screen. That's where it shows artist, song name, etc. It also has the shuffle and repeat buttons, and the genius mix button (which seems to not be functional at the moment.)

    If you google image search "crosley iphone" there's a company with some stuff out that has the look and feel of the new Music app. Also, what was the name of the electronics company that apple's taken a lot of their design from? This Music app has the feel of that too.

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    over iCloud? How could I've missed that...
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    Are you thinking of Dieter Rams' work for Braun? If so, yeah... you're absolutely right. I like it. Very uncluttered and clean.
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    So there i no way to put this screen into a "list" mode? I have like 100 playlists - this format is useless.

    How do albums and songs show up? I certain hope not by cover art.

    And what's with the transport controls being so small and in the upper left corner? I hate them there - they should be bigger and on the bottom, like on the iPhone.

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    This new interface reminds me of an old Beogram record player. I like the looks, but it seems they have sacrificed function.
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    It's not fully baked yet. And...

    Are there any other shots of this? I assume turning it sideways has the same effect it has in other Apple apps with lists (full text list down the left)? What's under New and Other? Settings? :confused:

    Such much uproar over so little info... so early. I don't get it.
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    Yes, Braun! Thank you. I was trying to find it on Google looking for "Brohnson" lol.

    Check out these pictures:


    [​IMG] has the wood on the sides with the light metal in the middle. And when playing the music app also has that little orange needle (on the record player it indicates what station you are tuned to) that tracks your position within the song.

    It's just a completely different look. Initially I didn't like it, but I played with it and realized what it was and I really like it now. I agree that it'd be nice to have a list mode for Artist, but I do like it. The old music app (iPod) just looked like iTunes on the computer. Why not change it up a bit?

    No. In landscape view you get the same view - just wider. The only "list mode" is seen when you touch "Songs". Touching "Songs" gives you an alphabetical list of every song on your device with an "A ... Z" shortcut on the right hand side. Not the most useful view.

    Touching "More" lets you select view by audiobooks, composers, or genres. The "New" button in Playlist view lets you create a new playlist (which is pretty dang neat.)
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    I don't fully understand what this App is, does it replace the iPod App? I've not got round to downloading iOS 5 off Apple Developer...
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    Do not want.

    Current iPod app looks better, and the sidebar is more functional.
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    It's a Music app. Apple got rid of the iPod app and replaced it with both a Music and Videos app.
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    iPod and Videos have always been separate.
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    On iPad yes, but not on iPhone. In iOS 5 for both iPhone and iPad they have separate Music and Videos apps. I guess they are just trying to get everything in sync with each other?
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    Thanks for clearing that up =]

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