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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Sasha3, Feb 19, 2004.

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    OK. I've posted this on two Stones sites and gotten no response. SO HERE!
    Mid Seventies an animated film along the lines of Heavy Metal comes out featuring big acts of the day. Typical stuff with lush graphics set to music. Now the only sequence that stands out in my memory was the final sequence of creatures soaring through the clouds all backed up by a killer Rolling Stones song I have never heard elsewhere and am unable to locate. It sounds like Exile On Main Street era stuff and something that would have ended up on a B-side single. No hit potential but damn fine rock. I keep thinking it must be Heavy Metal but there no Stones tracks on there. Unless it was only in the movie.
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    I'm a huge Stones fan. Not only is their music a staple diet for me, I also play all of Keith's guitar licks. However, I do not recall such a video. Can you describe the song? -Anything specific about it.
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    more specific? I dunno...

    Can't say much more than I did. The song had this foreboding tenor ala Gimme Shelter but with a kickass, rolling rhythm section and Wyman,s evil thundering bass lines. One of his best I thought. It reminded me, as I said, of some of the throwaway songs put out as B sides to the singles. When Happy was released as a 45 the other side was All Down The Line in a completely different, and superior mix, to the album version that was heavy on the piano and rhythm guitar. Guess they felt they had to "Improve it" for Exile. Anyway the visuals were like I said with maybe some winged horses romping about the clouds. That's all I remember.
    The original Heavy Metal Soundtrack had two discks and the present one has one. So maybe it was there. I have boxes of bootleg vinyl from then and can't find anything like it. Thanks for responding.
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    I have no idea. Are you sure it's by the Stones?

    If you find out, e-mail me... now I'm curious.
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    Have you tried If it was a movie soundtrack you might have luck finding it there.
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    Thanks for the tip. I've registered there and hope to get some leads.
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    for The Dreaming

    Got a lead. There is an unreleased song called Crisscross or Save Me only given to a filmaker named Takashi for his animated work Hoshi no Orpheus in 1978. Am following this up. I wish these bootlegs of mine had titles listed on them; well some do. It may be in there somewhere though most of them are nearly unlistenable. The search continues.
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    If the song is indeed Criss-Cross Man (Save Me), then I have what you're looking for. Though it's unreleased, the song is fantastic. The quality of this recording is superb (for a Stones Record). -It's an acetate AAD transfer, not an LP copy; so it sounds great. It appears on several bootleg albums, but the best version was released on "It's only Goat's Head Soup". -Outtakes mostly from Let it Bleed, It's only Rock 'n Roll, and Goat's Head Soup. My IM on aol is speedfreakjive.
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    I'm afraid I don't know what AAD is. But believe me I don't want any more vinyl. Have searched various boot sites and come up emptyhanded for It's Only Goat's Head Soup though I would dearly love to snag a copy. Is there any way to get a copy of the tune from you?
    I found and purchased a copy of the Takashi film on the off chance that my mystery song is on it and should be receiving it in a few days. But now my appetite is whetted even more for outakes from that period. Thank you very much.

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