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Second bay options for Quicksilver?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jmoore, Jan 29, 2003.

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    Is it possible to somehow cram another optical drive in the second bay of a Quicksilver model or other earlier G4 models? I know it is only supposed to support a zip drive, but is there some homegrown modification that can be made to make another optical drive fit into this smaller bay?
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    Re: Second bay options for Quicksilver?

    you can but it takes a lot fo work and only recomend it for proffesional modifiers.

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    first i would test another drive by just plugging it in and seeing if the computer will recognize two drives...place a cd in the drive after you plug it in of course...but i assume it would considering the MDD...

    second is to find a 5 1/2" harness to replace the 3"...probably the hardest part will be to find a way to get the outer casing door to flip down since it currently has no way of doing so

    if you or anyone you know is going to do this or has, please post it as i would like to do it myself, but would like to know about success/failure
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    I'm definitely interested. Is there a link you know of?
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    I'm trying to decide whether I want a noisy MDD model (which I don't) or find a refurb Quicksilver and add the second drive. Does this sound crazy? As crazy as the noise coming out of those MDD's!!!!! My God!!!!!
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    Buy a new MDD they are supposed to be whisper quiet. Maybe even quieter then teh Quicksilvers.

    If you had to add a second drive the easiest and best way to do it is to get an external firewire drive. Plain and simple if performance matters you will want a new DDR machine.

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