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Second collapse at Utah mine

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MacNut, Aug 13, 2007.

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    HUNTINGTON, Utah (CNN) -- Rescuers were expected to begin drilling a third hole Monday into the mountain encasing the Utah mine where six men have been trapped for more than a week, authorities said.

    Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray says it's possible the miners are "very much alive."

    The move was announced hours after a camera lowered into the mine showed no signs of the trapped miners.

    Authorities had hoped that the camera dropped into a roughly 9-inch hole would show the miners and that a microphone lowered into a smaller hole would pick up any sounds the miners might make.

    The microphone picked up no noises and attempts to signal the miners elicited no responses. View photos from the rescue efforts »

    The camera, which had to be cleaned and lowered back into the mine after its horizontal lens got dirty on the first attempt Saturday, showed a tool bag and a chain, both commonplace in mines.

    The camera also showed a 5½-foot-high space that authorities said the miners could survive in if there were enough air to sustain them. However, the limited light prevented the camera from picking up images farther than 15 feet away, said Richard Stickler, head of the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration. Watch the latest on the mine search »

    A Monday attempt to sink the video camera into the coal mine yielded only a distorted image of a conveyor belt and an image of the mine cavity's intact roof, Al Davis, who oversees MSHA's Western operations, told The Associated Press.

    "Rescue" missions generally refer to those in which victims are believed to be alive; "recovery" missions generally refer to those in which the victims are thought to be dead.

    Murray Energy President and CEO Bob Murray said that it's "very possible" the miners are "very much alive."

    "There are many ways that they could still be alive and that is the absolute fact," he said.

    The third hole will extend 1,414 feet diagonally into the mine. The hole will be shorter than the previous two and will pierce a different section of the mine.

    Moore told AP that drilling the third hole could take up to six days.

    Murray previously said he believed he knew where the miners were located. Stickler said Sunday that authorities know the miners are in the working section of the mine, but they don't know precisely where.
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    My main question is why they are spending (wasting?) all this time drilling these holes when they ought to (at least in my opinion) be down in the mine already digging them out and reinforcing the ceiling of the mine to prevent further cave-ins. They've spent several days already just trying to figure out whether they're alive or not when they could have had rescue teams already in the mine. Unless I'm missing something...
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    From what I understand the mine is very unstable and they can't reenforce it fast enough or safely.
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    Lord Blackadder

    The odds of finding them alive at this point seem pretty slim. It could be that they were all badly injured or killed by the collapse. Lets hope that at least some of them survived.
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    They have been digging through the mine, clearing the collapse the entire time. It's a huge job, likely to take at least another week. The idea with drilling the holes is to determine the condition of the miners, as well as create a way to pass food, water and oxygen to them so that theoretically they'll be able to hold out indefinitely until a rescue tunnel is done.

    Unfortunately, I think the chances of finding them alive are very slim at this point.
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    Oh, thanks everybody. I haven't really been keeping up with the events, only what I catch here and there.
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    I feel pretty much the same way about it as you do, although I too haven't studied the timeline all that closely. It just seems like in the 21st century we ought to have better and more efficient technology for finding and rescuing (or, God forbid, recovering) these miners. I truly hope that no expense is being spared in this effort.
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    I've been to Huntington a couple of times since one of my good friends was raised there. It's a small community, but seemed very friendly. I have another friend who's father was killed in one of the mines there back in the 1980's--I think around 30 died in that accident. While it's not the most unsafe job ever, it certainly would scare me tremendously if someone in the family were ever to decide to become a miner.

    I still hope that they find at least some of the trapped miners alive.
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    UNTINGTON, Utah (CNN) -- At least nine workers were hurt in Utah's Crandall Canyon mine Thursday evening where rescuers have been trying to reach six men trapped deep under ground.

    There was significant seismic activity at the mine, an official from the Utah Department of Natural Resources told CNN.

    At least six ambulances and two helicopters rushed to the site and transported the injured to a hospital in the nearby town of Price, Utah.

    There "may have been another collapse at the mine" according to officials at Castleview Hospital in Price. Jeff Manley, CEO of the hospital, said he is expecting up to 11 injured, at least one in very serious condition.

    Medics inside the ambulances were seen doing chest compressions.
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    Confirmed that one of the rescuers was killed in this new cave-in. :(

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    Drudge is reporting two killed, but I haven't seen it anywhere else (admittedly I'm not watching the local news).

    KUTV (local Utah news) is reporting two killed: http://kutv.com/topstories/local_story_218103238.html
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    Now 3 are confirmed dead.

    I think they're doing everything possible. They heard sounds from a reading in the tunnel where the drill went through a couple days ago. These aren't sounds like rocks or people saying something, but just sounds that appear on a graph that were sporadic and varied. That was the slightest good news although they said they can detect sounds from an elk on the top from down there. Crazy how it works. Also, they talk about all the firefighters like in 911 for example how they should carry trackers or something so they can find them in the future. Why not the same for the miners all over??

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