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Second Week of Apple’s 'Get Stuff Done' Promotion Features Organizational Apps

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 1, 2013.

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    The second week of Apple's 'Get Stuff Done' Mac App Store promotion began today, dropping the prices on a new set of productivity apps. Last week, task management apps like Clear and Things were discounted as part of the three week long promotion.

    This week's category is Organize, featuring organizing and cataloging apps like Gemini, which removes duplicate files and Compartments, which is used for home inventory. Here's a full list of this week's sale apps along with pricing information:

    -Gemini: The Duplicate Finder: $4.99 down from $9.99 [Direct Link]
    -Unclutter: $1.99 down from $2.99 [Direct Link]
    -Delicious Library 2: $17.99 down from $34.99 [Direct Link]
    -Together: $19.99 down from $39.99 [Direct Link]
    -Tree: $6.99 down from $14.99 [Direct Link]
    -Mindnode Pro: $9.99 down from $19.99 [Direct Link]
    -Compartments - Home Inventory: $6.99 down from $14.99 [Direct Link]
    -DaisyDisk: $4.99 down from $9.99 [Direct Link]
    -Home Inventory: $9.99 down from $19.99 [Direct Link]

    The sale on these apps will last from February 1 to February 7. Next week, Apple will feature a new set of apps for sale.

    Article Link: Second Week of Apple’s 'Get Stuff Done' Promotion Features Organizational Apps
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    Anyone have Home Inventory 2 and what do they think of it? I'm on the fence deciding between this app and Compartments. I like how Home Inventory comes with a companion iOS app and the ability to include things like receipts and digital manuals for your stuff.
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    Nothing special in this sale. 1Password, however, is 50% off this weekend and I might finally pull the trigger.
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    Yea, this looks good too. I've never used a password keeper app before but the reviews look good...
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    No OmniFocus, not worth it.
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    I have both Home Inventory and Compartments and the availability of the iOS app helped swing me to HI. The interface is easy and it does the job I need it to do.

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    Great, thanks. That's what I thought. :D Yea, the iOS helper app is appealing to me. I like the idea of not having to sit in front of my computer to inventory my stuff.
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    I have both, I find Compartments is too basic. I like Home Inventory a lot. The only issues I've had is when wi-fi connection is bad during photo taking (using the iOS app) everything is lost for the current entry (e.g. if you're taking several photos for one entry). In those cases I have resorted to taking photos using photo app, and then doing the Inventory on my MBP manually adding in the photos.
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    Thanks. Sounds like a nice, well rounded program. Hopefully the stability of between the iOS and Mac versions continue to improve.

    Home Inventory it is. Looks like I know what I'll be doing all weekend now.
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    I just bought Gemini. £3 has just saved me a major ball ache of clearing out loads of duplicate photos and music. It struggled with some of my .mov files but not too many that I can't manually delete them. In first scan it found 4gb of duplicate photos I didn't realise I had!
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    Thanks for bringing it up.

    I was waiting for a sale, or rather I was waiting for v4.0 and expecting a sale when it was going to be launched.
    This made me purchase it a bit sooner, and gives me some time to play with it. Although I probably won´t use it extensively untill it got iCloud support.
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    Picked up Daisy Disk and 1Password. Have been very happy with both purchases. Daisy disk is really good at finding those chunky files or folders on your Mac that you can offload onto an external drive. Sometimes I forget about things and leave them in some obscure folder. Or there is some weird giant cache file that accumulates over time that I can dump. On a 512GB SSD I'm always trying to keep things tidy. Lots of huge PSDs, InDesign packages, photographs, 1080p Premiere projects—that need to move off and be archived.

    1Password seems cool. I recently purchased the new version on my iPhone/iPad and loved that the Mac one synced right up. I have probably a hundred logins overseeing so many web and social media properties at Mizzou in addition to my freelance sites, customer sites, and all the banking information. 1Password is a huge improvement over my TextEdit file…yeah not gonna talk about that except to say that my Mac hard drive is encrypted…but still. It was the wrong choice. Apparently if you get 1Password now you'll get a free upgrade to 4.0 when it comes out sometime soon. My only gripe is that the Mac version isn't as slick as the iPhone version. So crossing my fingers for 4.0!

    I've had Gemini for a while. Recommend it—at the end of senior year in college I had a mess of files on my hands spread across nearly 6TB of hard drives, a brand new Retina MBP I needed to transfer things to, and a lot of free time on my hands while I looked for a job and did freelance gigs. Gemini was a big help in sorting through the mess. I eventually got everything back in place and could confidently delete my thousands of redundant files. I often forget to clear things out when I backup my drives—especially while in school I would dump things here and there. I have a pretty rigid system now of folder organization and Carbon Copy Cloner automatically sends everything from my USB 3.0 external to a slower USB 2.0 external for archiving every Sunday. I dump things off throughout the week and it emails me when the backup is made. Very efficient system! So I find myself using Gemini less. But it was an essential tool to finally becoming organized.

    So yeah, if your use case sounds similar to mine then don't hesitate to pick these up. Great bargains on quality software. Glad to see the Mac App Store finally starting to fill up with such good stuff!
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    I might do the same as I'm looking for a password manager as well. Good thing they're on sale this weekend. :D
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    1Password is a must have on anyone's Mac. Although I am fairly certain that they are about to deliver an upgrade as they just did with their iOS app. I must add that MindNode Pro and Tree are excellent for anyone who writes papers and longer articles.
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    The Tree outliner app is pretty cool. The interface is set up pretty well, works well with keyboard commands, and you can do regular outlining as well as the horizontally-expanded outlining which is the main new feature of this app.
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    I know. At $80, it's a big jump to take. I think they'd do well to lower the price and snag a lot more potential adopters, but whatever. I use OmniFocus so much it's worth it to me, but I can see a lot of people not wanting to risk that much money if they're not sure they'll like it.
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    Omnifocus 2 will have 2 pricing tiers, the standard at $40 and the premium (adds scripting I think) for $80. Good move on their part.

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    Ah, this is great! Thanks for sharing. That interface overhaul is long overdue.

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