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'Secret' Announcement to be made today ?

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by Devil's Refugee, Jan 16, 2008.

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    One of the other rumor sites (AppleInsider I think) was speculating that there could be a 'secret' announcement to be made today by Steve at the Final Cut Pro meeting.
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    Could it be finally working version of FinalCutServer?
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    One of the rumors is that they will be adding Redcode support to Final Cut for those fancy 4K hd Red Cameras. Personally I'm hoping for a Macbook Pro update similar to the way they announced the Mac Pro updates during CES.
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    Blue-Ray support maybe?????
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    Possible but it would seem odd that apple would update the Mac Pro line twice within 2 weeks. I say this because I would expect the Mac Pro to be the first system to get Blu-Ray. Customers who bought the updated Mac Pros since CES would have an even greater reason to feel shafted than the iPhone people did with the price drop.
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    you think they would do something like what they did with the earlier macbooks when 802.11n came out and have you buy an enabler. So i guess i'm saying do you think that apple already put blue-ray drives in.
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    Not likely, it was discovered the day they released the 802.11n cards that they were the faster wireless. Someone by now would have opened up a new Mac Pro and discovered the Blu-Ray drives if they had done that.
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    Apple does not have to offer new hardware.
    They support many camera formats without manufacturing cameras by themselves.
    They should offer OsX (10.5.2?) software support for bd/hdcp and update for Dvd Studio Pro, which had last update before intel-macs... was it 2005...?

    MP owners can buy new drive by themselves. That's what upgradeability means.

    This whole "we want consumers to rent from iTunes, so we are not going to support new optical hd formats" thing cripples FCS badly, so pro's will be looking to adobe's offer instead.
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    I'm hoping it's about phenomenon but I seriously doubt it.
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    I read something a few weeks ago about this announcement. It said it was going to be about the RED camera.
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    So, was there any?
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    the meeting is 7 to 10c?
    so it just started?
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