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Secure Your Mac Mini

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 4, 2005.

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    Ummm. . . looks pretty frickin' ugly to me.

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    I agree. It's horrible.
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    The MacMini has a security slot in the back, all you need is a cable lock.

    Why would anyone need that huge ugly box?
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    Wow, that makes the sleek, small mini into a misshapen square box, all crappy white, with a screw.
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    Well I don't think anyone would want to steal a Mac mini with that thing on it :rolleyes: And I find it funny that they put that hole atop just to show the Apple logo :D :rolleyes:

    Just seems a bit overkill to me. Imagine having a version for the PowerMac G5! :eek:
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    Wow, usually we just whine about this stuff, but that thing is in whole new regimes of ugly. :(
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    Beyond WACK! :eek:
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    fugly....its horrible!
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    The Mini will be used in lots of new ways due to its small size. Kiosks, vehicles, you name it. (I bet it becomes common behind the displays on sci-fi sets, the way Cubes were used on Voyager.)

    So I can see the need to secure it with something stronger than a cable lock.

    Problem solved... but going on about the sleek appearance is too funny :) I guess it's better than some kind of plain metal cage might be. That's about all that can be said for its look.

    But if it works, then it has its place.
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    Agree it's well fugly, but secure?

    Sheesh, it's a 2 cent lock, so a hit with a hammer will kill it, or a piece of cheese wire will get past the adhesive. Possibly a slightly noisier approach would be a cordless grinder with a slitting disc, but why bother if you're that desperate, just take the furniture then you don't have to buy a computer desk. :D
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    Owww. That's just awful.
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    Do you want security or not? Let's be realistic.

    Of course, anything that prevents someone from stealing these will effect our romantic affection for them, but let's be realistic. In certain environments, do you want to keep your mini or not?

    In my school, these kinds of devices work. The locks are not cheap; they work. The adhesive cannot be sliced with piano wire. In New York City, the devices are even insured. These are much more effective than a crappy little cable.

    We would all love to have our beloved equipment untouched, but this is a reasonable way to do it. Ugly or not.

    Having the mini is cool, but having it stolen is not, especially if you don't have the funding to replace it.
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    humm.... could you perhaps be the maker of this fugly device?
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    Hummm. I wish.
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    I think you guys are missing the point. This thing is being made for schools and public places and not for home use. How many of you guys would leave your mini on the desk at the public library all day and walk away?
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    I think the question was not leaving a mini totally unprotected in a public place versus this thing, but using a Kensington lock cable versus this thing, and whether the sacrificed style is worth the differential security. My six year old lavendar (Damn, why couldn't it be pink? Oh well, I don't use it anyway) Kensington cable looks a lot nicer than this thing.
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    Whatever the deal is I hope this mini gets out in 5 to 10 for good behavior. :D
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    Hmmm...if you sell it in black latex and PVC, I think I might just have a market for it! :D
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    it really is not that ufly for a security device. i suppose non of you hear have ever worn nee-pads and helmets then.
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    So it is just a coincidence that you registered today and only have made the two post in this tread?

    If so, I bet G5 PowerBooks will be out Tuesday also.
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    I agree with him. This is a lot more secure than a cable, and it could look worse. It's effective at what it does, assuming that you can't easily break the lock. The adhesive is irrelevant because you can also use screws to bolt it down. I wouldn't call it fugly...I'd never put it on my desk. But if I was in charge of a group of these in a public place and was worried about people picking them up, moving them, stealing them, etc., this thinks would start to look really nice.

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