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Security Apps

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by macinet, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Wondering if there is an app that manages security of particular apps.
    My kids have iPads and we'd like to be able to put security codes on certain apps that I don't want them opening.

    I know there are apps to secure photos.

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    You can't really lock single apps. Program like you mentioned to hide images or other files are working in their own sandbox/ filesystem location only. If you want to remove stock apps like safari you can use parental control in system settings. That's what I did for the iPad of my son. No safari, no AppStore or in-app purchasing. But the rest is open.

    Other stock apps I "hide" in a folder on a screen far to the right. He's not going there. :eek:
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    I think there isn't any app for your requirements. I am using 1Password app for data security.
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    Thanks all. Didn't think there was one for iPhone but there's one for android so thought I'd check.

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