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Security expert says Mac users may have a false sense of sec...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 29, 2005.

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    How is this newsworthy? "Man who releases Mac security software warns Mac users that they may be at risk."
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    P.S. 9 out of 10 dairy farmers say that milk is good for you. ;)
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    I think it's a good idea to always have security in the back of your mind regardless of the situation. I tried out MacScan and, after it repeatedly found absolutely nothing, removed it.
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    mac 2005

    Agreed. For all the posers in the security industry who claim the Mac isn't as secure as we might think, I've yet to experience one problem from viruses or spyware in all the years I've used Macs. None.

    My Dell, on the other hand, has to be protected with multiple applications.

    Better a false sense of security borne out by no problems with Mac vs. no sense of security and problems with Windows.

    Meantime, isn't it largely because of "hackers" like this guy that computing online has become so perilous?
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    Noooo! Freaky! Don't go over to the dark side!

    Wow, I never knew his real name until now. I've been friends with the guy for over a year, yet I never knew his name. Damn, that's weird :p

    freaky.staticusers.net is his site, with freaky.staticusers.net/ugboard being his forum
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    When younger--we're talking <i>much</i> younger--I created a ZIP disk (remember those?) of Mac viruses downloaded from his site. I also put a copy of Disinfectant (remember that?) on the disk, just to show that it was for, uh, testing purposes. Yeah, that's right.

    To my credit, I password-protected it (and lost the password, IIRC). I suspect that his virus downloads have dropped off significantly since OS X was introduced. :rolleyes:
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    I want to see him and Wil Shipley in a cage fight...:rolleyes:
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    "you can't go with the attitude that there are no viruses for the Mac"

    Why can't I? :confused:
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    I agree! Let's not be arrogant, becasue it could hapen, but on the other hand I really enjoy this feature of the platform, and am proud to tell friends!
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    So, a guy who sells antivirus software for your Mac tells you that you may be at risk and that you should buy his product... because you're at risk.

    Hmmmmm.......... :rolleyes:

    Edit: I say this, though I don't doubt there's a possibility of risks in the future.
    However, now isn't the best time for hackers to write viruses/spyware because in a few months they'll have to write them for a new OS. ;D
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    I think it's ok to be arrogant at least until there are 1000 confirmed Mac viruses in the wild. That would have the number of Mac viruses approaching 1% of the number of Windows viruses, which would indicate a problem. ;)
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    The author is just being prudent. :D
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    You forgot the fact that 1,000 of those aforementioned viruses were for Mac OS 9 and under. ;D
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    For anyone who believes a word this guys says,

    I just discovered a vulnerability in all operating systems when reading MacRumors. This security hole could wipe out your hard drive, empty your bank account, and eat your children. Send me $12.99 and I'll send you a sticker that you can put on your computer case to prevent this catastrophe. Do not reley on that false sense of security. I have proven results. There is a sicker on my computer and I never experienced this vulnerability.

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    Well...even one "Zero Day" type of scenario is bad enough, if it actually comes to fruition.... Let's hope it stays the way it has been, though. Five years, zero viruses. Not bad. :)
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    The time may be coming but it's not today. I consider that there are more holes than there were in Mac OS before Mac OS X and there were viruses for it, even new viruses since 1996 but the danger is much, much lower than for Windows.

    I suspect that the first viral attack will be written by anti-virus software developers, in order to create a market that now only exists to shield Windows users from our ability to be a conduit for someone else's virus transmission in e-mails sent to us.
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    It isn't. :(

    All those wasted years of drinking milk. :eek:
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    Don't cry over spilled milk.

  21. sjk
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    I sell tinfoil hats.
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    What a wonderfully succinct and and appropriate thing to say. A classic quote.

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    I wish all you people who gloat "mac has no viruses" would be a bit less smug. It will come sooner or later.

    Anyway, this article reads more like a advert for MacScan. An advert and no more.
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    In other news, terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden says you are all infidels and stand a good chance of dying by a bomb blast from one of Al Quaeda's suicide bombers.

    Here's to the Crazy Ones [​IMG]
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    It may, it may not. Until that day I'll be as confident and smug as humanly possible.

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