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Security Group Warns of Newly Discovered IE Flaw

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 30, 2004.

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    It is a bit hard to change people from their ways, but hopefully we are slowly witnessing the long slow demise of Microsoft. Like every great civilisation through out history, the Romans, the Greeks, the Nazis, the Japanese, they have all eventually been toppled. While they may all have created great things in their time , the Romans left us with underfloor heating, piped water to our houses, aquaducts to transport water, great buildings, the Germans (Hitler) left us with great motorways -the Autobahn, these great civiliations eventually all came to an end. Hopefully so will Microsoft. While they may leave is with the concept of a PC in every household, they also leave us with the concept of a virus in every PC in every household.
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    I'm still amazed at the sheer number of people who are willing to install a patch for IE, but aren't willing to try another browser.

    I disabled IE on my mum's laptop last weekend (without telling her), and she hasn't complained yet! So it proves that people can live without IE :)
  4. sjk
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    The only reason I haven't migrated my wife away from IE is because it's the only browser I've found that allows multiple Yahoo! Mail sessions to be open with different accounts. Firefox and several others I've tested (MyIE2 and Opera come to mind) are confused once more than one account logged in. IIRC the same thing happens with Safari. Ugh!

    It must be a common enough issue to have information somewhere on the net but so far I haven't been able to construct a search string that comes up with meaningful results. Maybe if I knew how to describe the misbehavior more accurately...
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    Re multi Yahoo sessions at once

    I'd say it's a cookie thing: Yahoo uses cookies to track logins, and each browser has its own cookies.

    IE is like multiple SEPARATE browsers in Windows, so perhaps it allows multiple sets of cookies.

    If I'm right, one workaround to try would be to have TWO alternative browsers going, allowing two Yahoo logins. (Or maybe two of the same... IF you can configure where the cookies are stored.)

    This is 100% guesswork. Take with salt.
  6. sjk
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    Sounds like my guesswork, too. I want to keep things simple so it's not confusing for my wife. I think she'll switch to Firefox, then we can work on a multi-login solution from there.

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