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Seeing new content on AppleTV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nojokejones, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I have had an AppleTV for probably a year. One thing has always vexed me about it. When I add new content to my computer's iTunes (from which I pull content for the AppleTV) I have to restart the damn thing to get the new content to show up. Is that right? Note: I am not syncing to my AppleTV, I am simply linking to iTunes on a Mini connected to a firewire raid.

    I had been pressing the menu button to restart, but after a while that seemed to stop working. I have resorted to pulling the plug and waiting a few minutes then plugging it back in.

    Once restarted, I can see my new content. But really, is that how I have to get new content to show up?

    I asked a "genius" at the Mac store, he told me the new content would just "show up." However, the AppleTV in the store usually gets no love and never has the newest updates. Pretty sure he didn't know anything about it.

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    I just quit Itunes in OSX and then reopen it and my new content shows up on the Apple TV.
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    I just hit sync in itunes, even if you are just streaming hitting sync reloads it.
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    Yep. This does the trick for me every time. Even though I stream and don't sync, hitting the sync button seems to "alert" the :apple:TV that there is new content available and it shows up immediately.

    For the most part, however, iTunes seems to sync with the :apple:TV right after I finish adding content so it's usually a non issue.
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    Same here.
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    Sometimes it'll automatically receive updates, other times new additions will not appear until I manually initiate a sync from my computer (I 100% stream content). This is one thing I really hope they address in the next AppleTV software update...
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    Yes, this is a particularly annoying AppleTV quirk. If you stream your content, AppleTV will not be 'aware' of new content unless you manually sync from iTunes.

    One workaround I've heard about is to configure AppleTV to just sync the most recently added content. That way whenever you add content it will trigger a sync, and you only have to keep a little bit of synced media on your AppleTV.

    I REALLY hope they fix this in the next AppleTV/iTunes update. It's a bug, plain and simple....
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    Ah, that is so helpful. Thank you. I wish the "geniuses" knew more. Not sure why Apple doesn't push the AppleTV knowledge more. Thanks again.
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    When I add new content by importing files into iTunes, both of my Apple TVs automatically re-synch.

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