Seeking case suggestions for household with toddlers

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by nightfly13, Apr 28, 2010.

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    I've already killed more time than I'd care to admit browsing cases and reading reviews. I have a couple ideas in mind, some of which depends on which keyboard I get (dock or BT). The issue I must contend with is the iPad will likely live on/around an ottoman/papasan (big round mork and mindy type) chair. Our MBP lives there now, sometimes in a typical laptop case, sometimes just sitting (lid closed) exposed to my 3 kids (and chihuahua) touching it, getting gunky fingerprints on it and sometimes the baby (15 months) even ends up sitting on it.

    For my kindle I have a silicone skin and a leather 'day timer' looking case that I feel really protects it. So that's one idea: a skin plus a bulky, don't-use-constantly case that the iPad goes back inside when not in use.

    The other option is a slimmer case with stand options (like the Apple case) but that the iPad goes in and out of easily, so if I'm reading and I want to reduce weight, I can easily pop it out of the case, but if my kids are using it, I can hand it to them with some confidence it's well protected. Leather would be preferred.

    Additionally I'll have to decide on some shoulder-strap option. Old and Indiana Jones leathery appeals to me. I don't think I'll face much or any 'man purse' criticism, and I'll refer to it as a satchel, so should be fine.

    Suggestions (and link would be awesome) for any of these options would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm in a similar situation. We have 9-month twins and two dogs lol.

    I got the Apple Case. This works for me cause when I am rocking my boy to sleep I can quickly cover the screen if he gets fidgety. The cover blocks all light from the screen.

    The iPad is usually sitting on the arm of the sofa, which is probably begging to be pushed off by the kick of his feed or grab of his kung fu grip hands.

    For extra protection I just bought the Exo Case from Waterfield Designs -

    This case will fit the Apple Case. According to their site, shipping will start on May 7.
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    I have a little one who loves the ipad and I prefer the Apple Case. It is not easily removed by design, but it is also very lightweight by design.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. There are just a lot of variables for me that all come into case decisions. Will I take it with me daily to work (now iPhone works pretty well, but battery life is an issue), which keyboard (BT keyboard for a case that I leave on permanently, KB Dock if I have a burlier case that I pull the iPad in and out of for use) and how supervised my kids will have to be to use it.

    I think I need to use one, hold one, and fiddle with some cases and then probably buy 2-3 options and see what works out best in real life.

    Thanks again, other suggestions welcome.
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    You might need SquareTrade
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    I ordered this case today from the Apple store. It will hold my 13" MBP or my iPad e=MTY1NDA2Ng&mco=MTA4MjU1ODY&s=topSellers

    I know the Exo case I ordered from Waterfield Design has a strap, but I got this in case I need the extra room. I could throw in a few diapers and wet pads in ther lol.
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    The Apple case and a very high shelf. Or adoption works too.

    I kid I kid.
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    Ditto - the Apple case is grippy enoug for any situation and the flip cover gives you instant protection to put it done when "hands aren't being kept to themselves" :( and such.

    The Exo (on pre-order for me too) will help for when my other baby (iPad) gets put away for a little while so it's nice and protected.
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    The best protection is to teach the kids not to touch your electronics. From a very early age I told my daughter she was not to touch MacBooks, iPhones, iPods, iPads, remotes or pretty much anything electronic with out assistance. She's 3 1/2 now and repects the gadgets in the house and even takes great care of her iPod touch.

    I am not a big fan of cases and my iPad, MPB and iPhone 3GS all live in my house with no case protection and they are in perfect condition.
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    I have an 18 month old and I have my iPad naked at the moment. But I always keep it out of reach. When done I put it back in our office (which normally has the door closed as it houses the computers and other electronic toys we buy. Maybe you could get a wall mount to drop it in when not in use? I know I've seen some posts on that in the last few days. Either way good luck!
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    Otterbox Otterbox Otterbox

    Did I say Otterbox...Defender? I have the iPhone Defender with my 2 year old and have had him pick pocket me a few times...then watch my phone get thrown on a tile floor. I've had milk (and beer) spilled, I've had my phone knocked off a 4-foot counter top and hit the tile with no yeah, I think the Otterbox Defender for the iPad is likely also a good candidate...
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    +1. Here are my submissions to they have a contest where you send photos of your otterbox in exotic locations. I had their waterproof case for my 1st gen iPhone. I still have the case, but not the phone, if anyone's interested in taking it off my hands... It's the one my daughter is holding in the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas!
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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. While I hate to almost double the bulk and add weight to the iPad, the new cracks on my wife's iPhone (from when my 4 year old son pushed my 3 year old daughter off the couch) confirms that overkill protection is really what my family requires. Still willing to consider a 'folio' type leather case, ideally one that allows the iPad to pop in and out pretty easily so I can use it with or without case. Otterbox defender seems pretty nice and I like the screen cover really sealing it up, but $90+ is pretty crazy, imho. Reminds me of Michael Keaton Batman's 'shields' on the Batmobile.

    Squish skin seems promising, will check for reviews.

    As for kids touching and not touching, they know that the laptop and desktop are off limits (although my son will come and in hammer the spacebar to pause something to talk to me) but we let them use the iPhones for games/learning apps.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.
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    I think this is probably the best suggestion. I have four kids, with ages ranging from 2 to 10. They're reasonably respectful with our electronic stuff, but accidents do happen. We have tile floors and I have no doubt that at some point the iPad will take a tumble. Why spend $40-$90 on a case that may protect your iPad from a fall (and if it fails, well then you're just out of luck), when you can purchase a 2 year warranty from SquareTrade that includes drops and spills? I say go caseless - save the money you would have spent on the case, and use it to get a no-deductible policy that includes ADH (accidental damage from handling), including drops and spills and that's cheaper than AppleCare? SquareTrade has a 20% off promo going on for the iPad right now, but if you google around you can find coupon codes that will bump it up to 30%.
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    That is interesting.... right now, i can't imagine needing more battery though! LOL!!

    I stressed yesterday after all my 3g use and such, that gasp, i hit 52% left! :D
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    LOVEMOM = 30% off

    EDIT: looks like it won't work with the iPad because they have an automatic 20% off for the iPad.

    EDIT #2: I used THIRTY30 and it gives you 30% off UP TO $30 savings. So it might be a better deal than the default for 2 years, but the default discount is better for 3 years.

    In other words, a 16GB WiFi model ($499) is just under $90 with THIRTY30 or just over $95 otherwise... plus tax.

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