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segway has stolen macos logo!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by superkatalog, Nov 19, 2002.

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    segway (www.segway.com), the manufactor of the new "transportation device" has stolen the mac os logo for the display of the device!
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    hmm. thats weird. does anyone know if apple is in anyway connected to segway?i think i remember something about an iSegway a while back, a segway with an imac attatched :confused:
  3. Gus
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    Steve Jobs is one of the financiers behind Dean Kamen and the Segway. He was one of the first to get to try it out. It is odd, though, the similarity between the logos. Maybe Jobs figures Apple doesn't need that logo anymore. A little curious.

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    Yeah, Since Jobs financed it, then we've got nothing to worry about
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    It's actually supposed to be functional, it actually transmits information to you, what information I have no clue though.
  6. job
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    It's the cameo return of the Happy Mac!
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    YAY Steve found a good new home for Happy Mac!!!!

    Dean Kamen sponsers my robotics team, check it out at www.usfirst.org
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    Guys, this is not the Happy Mac! This is the MacOS logo. And the MacOS logo has a smiley face on both sides and TWO eyes... well, just look down at your dock. It may hint at the logo with the stylized side profile of the face on one side, but that's where the similarities end...
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    segway is retailing..

    amazon.com is now accepting purchases for seyways..
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    yeah, they've had that logo since the beginning. i think it was definitely "inspired" by the Mac OS logo. probably not similar enough for a lawsuit though.
  11. job
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    Ok fine...I got the icons mixed up.. ;) :p

    But still, it's nice to see some sort of Mac influence...especially now since the MacOS logo has been also removed from start-up.

    I hate the gray Apple logo...
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    Then replace it using MacBoot 1.0.
  13. job
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    Yeah, I'm going to this weekend. :)
  14. Gus
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    Calm down

    Notice I said similarity between the logos. Not, WOW! Those are exactly the same! That being said, Hemingray, you are right. They are not exactly the same, and it is not the Happy Mac.


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