Seidio active for ipad 2 now available

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mrbunglez, May 23, 2011.

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    I have been waiting for this case to be released, and almost got the otterbox, but after seen all the unhappy customer with the defender for the iPad 2, I think I will wait for a couple of reviews just to be on the safe side...
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    any coupon codes?
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    I also want to get one.
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    There are no coupon codes @ this moment I've looked everywhere.
    But it does look like theyre giving free shipping until the end of may.
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    So funny that someone says there are so many unhappy customers of the Defender, when in fact its a handful.

    And the design of this case looks exactly like the Defender!

    Seido fulfillment and customer service has always sucked and so have their prices!

    Good luck on this one folks, but I'm standing by the Otter, a proven well thought out product.
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    Man, I'm not knockin' you guys, but what the heck are you doing with your iPads that warrants that kind of protection?
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    counter intelligence missions
    going to the gym!
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    i don't know about you guys.. but i got the OtterBox case and hated it.. the kickstand is so hard to prop up and im not a big fan of built-in screen protector.. doesn't seemed to be worth the trouble if it get's scratched up i have to either replace front case or tear it out (and voiding the warranty).:mad:

    im gonna give this a try since it's free shipping.. love the rubberized coating so we will see :D
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    I work for fire rescue i need the protection on the rig.
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    let me know how it holds up for you!
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    If you got hold of one. Some pics and review is appreciated.
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    Not sure I am reading this correctly but these don't sound like legitimate issues with the latest incarnation of thee Otterbox Defender Case for Ipad 2.

    Let me attempt to correct the perception your leaving with folks here because I think it is far from accurate.

    First, there is no built in screen protector! There is on the drop series by gum drop, maybe your confusing the two.

    Otter gives you, if you buy the Defender from Otter, a cheap screen protector that adheres to the screen, I left it in the box as from what I could see it was not as good as the one I presently use which is the anti glare power support, which I recomend. A screen protector is certainly not a mandatory item or part for the functioning of this terrific case and given that fact one would not have to replace the case if your screen protector became scratched.

    The key to not having that happen would be for you to invest in a quality screen protector like the power support or get an SGP.

    Cheap ones will only do what you said, scratch up and need replacement, so by the time your done replacing cheap screen protectors , you could have bought one with a lifetime warranty and saved yourself all this trouble!

    I use my power support. On my last Ipad in a Defender it lasted an entire year.

    Second,Interesting you should highlight the stand and the totally redesigned front cover with the much better flip up stand. Far far better than the original if you ever experienced that.

    I found this to be the easiest flip up stand than I have ever run across, far easier than its predecessor.

    If you don't like the case, that's fine, find that suits you, but don't go making up things about a case that are just not true!
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    I recommend power support because they seem to have the clearest and best anti-fingerprint anti-glare screen protector. They do scratch without dropping though. They are also very expensive. I accidentally left my keys in my pocket with the phone one day and at the end of the day it had a 4mm scratch on the front. You can't really see it if the screen is on but when it is off it is visible. Any screen protector can scratch though... they are not impervious to damage.

    Lately I have bought a third party anti-glare screen protector (crazyondigital from amazon) mainly because I was tired of spending over $35 shipped for a thin piece of plastic so I decided to try an alternative for once instead of paying so much. They come 3 in a pack for $10. I originally thought I would only get one. The power support version is a little clearer if you look very close but at 11 times the cost (per protector) I decided to just use the cheaper ones. I am still happy with the purchase and gave the other 2 to people at work. If I could get a power support version for $15 I would start buying them again but not at $30 to $35 with shipping.
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    THe other thing I am wary about the Active Defender copy from Seidio is they don't give you any information about the weight of the case, and for that matter either does the Gum Drop folks with their Drop Series.

    I hope somebody gets these and lets us know at some point.
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    What's the difference? Your betting a btter deal and Amazon will have them within a week and youll have it faster. seidio is notorious for late shipments

    There won't be a coupon offered by them because their going to want to get full retail on this.
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    So anyone purchase from Amazon? Reviews? Pics?
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    Have not seen any yet!
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    I purchased one from Amazon. It is on the way. Suppose to get it by tuesday. I will post and comment then.
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    Loving my new Seidio Active case for my ipad 2

    I got my seidio case a few days ago and this case is great. The rubber/silicone wrap fits snug and the rubberized shell holds it perfectly. What i really like is the internal stand. Unlike the otterbox it allows you to position your ipad at 15 different settings. This is perfect if you have it on your lap and dealing with glare. Just lift it up a couple notches or drop it down a few. All four corners of the casing are completely protected when you have the "lid either fixed on to the top or fixed from underneath. The otterbox covers two corners.
    All in all, I feel like I could throw this thing on the highway and it would survive. I have not seen the otterbox in person, so i imagine it's a good option as well based on it's reputation, but this seidio case is awesome. Decide for yourself.
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    post some pictures!
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    Pics for the seidio active

    For pics of the active case have a look at Their pics are good. Lots of different views.
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    There has not been much talk about this case here, are those that have it happy with it? Are they shipping faster now?

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