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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by salacious, Jan 2, 2013.

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    ok so heres the concept poster to my short film that im making this year, wanted to know what you thought of it?

    il add the synopsis swell, also note that the girl isnt fully done up in make up fx and will be done so very soon so the central picture will be changed.

    when the powerful Seishin fall from heaven to earth they are brought by fate to possess their destined human who will release them back to heaven by sacrificing themselves, but as time has passed humans have learned to utilise the Seishins power for their own use... fate has chosen the path of Kibo as the saviour of the Seishin but the almighty Furah plans to destroy him and capture the Seishin for his own use to rule the world especially Kibo's own Seishin from which he has been possessed.

    Can Kibo stop him or will Furahs might and evil tricks put an end to the saviours quest..

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    Nice font.
    Terrible photo.

    Model looks drunk for starters.

    Is it an action or a bed and breakfast set in a tree?

    You need to IMPLY action if it is.
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    really? why do you think the photo is bad?

    and shes 12 so no not drunk shes a good but evil type of spirit.

    it was just a test shot for collection.

    im not sure what you mean by "Is it an action or a bed and breakfast set in a tree?"

    thanks for the feedback though just what im looking for
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    I don't want to sound too mean or negitive BUT....
    I didn't even see that it was a girl. I thought it was a boy.

    Your movie description SOUNDS like an action move. Is that correct?

    If it is an action movie, your post does not look like it is full of action.
    look at this poster. ACTION

    or this Hard.jpg

    or this
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    A poster should tell me roughly what i'm about to see. Your poster has the hole mark of disaster. In other words not very good.
    I will not go down the road of explaining why. The graphic's are all wrong.
    Good luck with the video.:(


    Also reading your story outline. Sounds very slow and lack of pace.:apple:
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    It's re-anime, anime in real life, I appreciate your comments.

    It's a sci-fi/ fantasy film about spirits as the synopsis says.

    I remain upbeat about the poster though Iv had more positive comments than negative from random people.

    I mean what would you have for a re-anime poster?

    My target audience is Asia the Japanese to be exact, so I feel it stays in with their quality, just my opinion though.

    The picture will be changed to a better one which will tell more about the film, at the moment it was just one I used from a test shoot
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    Don't you think you are posting your advertisement in the wrong country?. You are very positive with all we say.
    I still maintain your poster has not got that star quality.:apple:
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    well i mean its zero budget, so its an indie film, i need perspectives to build up a general idea of what kind of people like this film and its contents and who doesn't.

    but it is just a concept and i may change the top half of it and obviously have a much better photo in it which will tell the story more as you say.
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    Firstly make you video and then think on the marketing side of the video.
    These days so many people make films or video and all think it a winner. If one starts out it has to grab the audience attention. What i read of yours sorry to say did nothing for me. But you understand the market better than me regards the audience you hope to target.:apple:
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    I'll also add that if it's a zero budget film, drop the names of the "actors" to give you more space to work with in the poster.

    But like i said, GOOD FONT.... TERRIBLE photo.

    Reshoot the photo.
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    Actually really good info, il remove the names and il have a better but not final photo on Saturday hopefully, I may put the names in small print at the bottom just to fill In the space.

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