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Selecting/choosing which Airport Express to connect to

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by Davmeister, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I currently have 3 AXs on my home network--2 extending with one creating a network. Currently I have 11 clients attatched to one Airport and none attatched to the others! Thus that airport is getting hammered with traffic and bottlenecking and slowing down etc.

    Is there a way to distribute clients more evenly and/or choose which one to connect to?


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    Give them different SSID's then make people connect to certain ones.
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    I would agree except that you cannot choose SSID's per base station when selecting 'extend this network' in Airport Utility. They all need to be connected to one network.


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    with wireless extending, you will cut your available network speed in half (half of the bandwidth in to the extending base, half out). not sure how that relates to a second repeater.

    also wireless G speeds divided by 11 (not to mention if you only start out at half speed), which is all you would have even if you were all attached to the main base is really not that great.

    You could try physically moving the repeaters to a different location in your house. so that different computers were closer to different repeaters (and would get a stronger signal).

    If you can run a hard wire to each remote express, you will see much better network performance. since you aren't all sharing the bandwidth coming off the main base.
    just set them all up with the same SSID and security settings, but different channels, and your devices will automatically change to the stronger signals as you move around the house.

    you could look at Ethernet over power line, as a way to get to the remote stations. if running a traditional cable isn't possible.

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