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Sell 2.66 13" MBP for the 11" Air? Help!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by lafemmme, Jan 31, 2011.

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    With the understanding that most of you guys hate these kind of threads, I would greatly appreciate your advice. I have a 2010 top model 13" MacBook Pro (just 5 month old) that I'm seriously considering to sell for the 11" MacBook Air. I've realized that I don't use the power of the MBP in my daily usage; which includes Safari browsing, iTunes, watching movies, loading cam photos into iPhoto. For most of us females, it can actually fit perfectly right into our handbags/purses. The portability and weight is highly tempting...

    If I do go ahead and sell, it would be an even tradeoff. I'd probably wouldn't have to pay any money out of pocket. Any naysayers? Thank you!
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    I would never do this - but if you do it anyway, go for as high specs as possible on the MBA.
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    I would do it in a heartbeat. The 11" MBA is just as capable as the 13" MBP and the display is miles ahead.

    But are you planning on going with the base model? 64gb is tight, as is the 2GB of ram.
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    Thank you for your quick responses. Yes, I will be definitely buying the "Ultimate" (that's what they're calling it) 4GB 11" MBA.

    Since the 11" does not contain a SD slot, are there any workarounds?
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    Oh - and one more thing: Remember that Apple has removed the backlighting of the keyboard on the MBAs.

    The reason why I mention this that I actually was considering buying the MBA 13", but the lack of backlit keyboard became the dealbreaker for me.
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    Ah, a little disheartening to know. It might be something I can learn to live without though. The SD slot, now that's a different story. :(
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    I think the MBA 13" has SD slot
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    You can just a USB cable from the camera.
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    They also make really small USB--->SD slot adapters for very cheap. on-camera USB buses are slow as hell compared to readers.
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    True. IMO not having an SD slot isn't a deal breaker.
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    I had the 13" MBP and bought both the 11" and 13" airs. At first I had gotten the base models. 2 gigs of ram was just not enough. Then I got the ultimate's of both models, but found the 11" just didn't cut it. The 13" blew it away with speed. Also, the 13" does have an SD Slot! Even though the 11" is so small and portable, going from a 13" MBP, I highly recommend the 13" MBA Ultimate. I did return the 11". And you do get use to not having the backlit keyboard. I do wish it had one though. And something else you didn't mention, but Hard Disk space, having the 256 gets you closer to the MBP. 128 is just not enough. Best of luck in your decision.
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    The newer air has only been out a few months plus not slot of people can afford it. Top sellers means jack
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    The 11" ultimate MBA is my primary machine and I love it. Sounds like I use it in much the same way you do. I have an SD card reader that is more or less the size of a typical USB flash drive for transferring pictures. I really wanted to finally have a built-in SD card slot, but it's not that big of a deal.

    The only thing I found is that I no longer keep my photos on the machine itself. I have an external hard drive for backups (way more capacity than needed for the backup itself) and I have now moved my photos to that drive. So that does mean that I use both USB slots when transferring pictures. I sometimes will use an externally powered USB hub if I want to make use of the Y cable for the hard drive while also using the USB card reader.

    I don't find the 11" too small for uploading photos or using sites/apps such as Picasa or Photobucket. I don't find it slow for browsing or more girl-friendly games like Peggle and Angry Birds. (No hard core gaming here.)

    If you have to move the machine at all, you'll love the form factor. We travel a lot for business, but even picking the machine off the table to move it away for dinner... it really is like lifting air.

    Hubby (in software development/consulting) has no complaints about switching from a decked out Pro to the 13" MBA. If he could have got a larger hard drive, he would have got the 11" himself.

    As I said on another thread, if you're wondering whether you really need all the power of a Pro, then there's a good chance that you don't. And if you know that, although you like the thought of the most powerful machine, deep down you could probably be happy with a high-powered netbook that actually worked the way you would hope it did, then absolutely you could go MBA without any difficulty.
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    I still cannot believe they would do this! But I guess it helps sell more MBP and saves space for the MBAto be thinner.
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    That's exactly why I'm sure

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