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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Omad0n, Aug 21, 2002.

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    Hi all, I'm typing from my new G4 Dual 867, and now i've got an extra computer to sell. the thing is I have no idea how much it's worth or how to figure it out. It's a G4 400 Mghz sawtooth computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    I'd buy it if you can sell it to me with the shipping fee to Japan for $200 :)

    Okay, seriously... I am trying to sell my Beige G3 with my scanner and printer and 17" monitor for $1000, so your's should easily be worth that (without the scanner and stuff...)

    But the problem is.. I've been trying to sell mine for the past 5 months...

    So, if you wanna sell fast and easy, maybe go for about $700 ~ $550.

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    Re: Selling price?

    try looking around eBay to see how much they go for... and consider selling it on eBay.

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    how fast do you want to sell it? you should keep an eye on the prices for about a month, or at least 2 weeks to get a feel for the market. or at least, that's what i do.:)
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    I would ideally like to sell it ASAP, so I guess maybe i'll post something in the selling forum and see what happens. Thanks guys for the responses. :) As to ebay, I've never sold with ebay before and I'm a bit hesitant.
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    If your 400 is AGP it is a greate computer, I placde a dual 500 in to mine and a new original superdrive.

    Sell it around your friends it is a better deal. In you case I would keep it with a lot of ram to do renders and stuff.

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