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selling the air for an iPad 3?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Onimusha370, Dec 4, 2011.

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    Hey guys,
    since buying an iPad, i've been using my air less and less, and the only thing i actually use it for is when i need to see 2 pdf's on the screen at the same time. i can't do this on the iPad, because of the screen size, and because you can't quickly switch between files on ibooks.
    this is really the only reason i've still got the air, so i'm thinking its pointless having a £1000 paperweight sitting in my room thats going to lose value every day. so i'm thinking sell it, and get the iPad 3 when its out to use as my travelling device that i take everywhere.
    my uses are lightweight in general, Facebook, macrumours, games, writing small amounts, reading books and pdf's.

    what are your thoughts? think its a good idea to sell the air at this point?

    thanks for any advice :)
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    If that is really all you use it for and you enjoy the iPad more then go for it. I would get a BT keyboard though for when you want to type something up!
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    thanks for the quick reply, i've got an apple keyboard at home so i'd take that on my travels. pretty happy with the iPad keyboard 90% of the time though :)
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    well thanI think you will be fine.
    the only possible problem (At least for me) would be the lack of storage space, as my macbook air has a 250gb ssd while the iPad is up to 64gbs. If that is enough than your only decision
    will it be black
    or white?
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    i've also been thinking about the space. i'm hoping the iPad 3 will be up to 128gb, but even 64gb should be enough for my needs. after my music collection (20gb), i only need pdf's on the iPad, and some games and the odd movie, so its not a problem in terms of space!
    i've recently purchased a white iPhone, so i'm very tempted by the white iPad so they'll match :)
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    If you dont use the Air, then why bother keeping it? Theres no point in having it in your room as a pretty paperweight, so yea.
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    ipad3 longer way off than you think - at least next spring...
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    Sounds like the problem isn't that you don't need a MacBook Air, it is that you don't need a laptop period.

    I can't imagine having an iPad as my only PC. It is great for browsing the web but even something like drafting an email or typing this message on MacRumors is best done on my Air.

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