Senator Jerry Springer

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sun Baked, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Sun Baked

    At least the press conferences and debates should be interesting. :eek:
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    Bwhhaaahhahaah !!

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    After all that drama, he'd probably be bored in the Senate... then again, maybe his show was just training for politics. :p

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    He was already a politician. Mayor of... something. Then he got busted for something. I think he was something else before that. I would go look it up, but I suddenly realized I don't care.
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    He's more intelligent than 95% of the senators in place, so i'd vote for him.

    guy may be a trashking, but he's very bright otherwise...

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    He's honestly a smart man...who happened to capitalize on trash tv. ;)

    No surprise, though, that he's exploring other venues. There's only so much shelf life that show has.
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    I don't think hes all bad, some celebrity polticians have done some good work...look at Ronald Reagan....I don't call him great but he certianly helped the country.
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    Sun Baked

    C'mon this is humor. :D

    Read on about the fund raising efforts...
    Wonder if this CD will be offered on iTMS. :p
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    i smell an exclusive...

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    I smell something....
    I don't really care how bright the man is, morally I could never vote for him.
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    i think stupid people will go and vote for him, but i think if he is serious aboubthis, then i think he can do it, and a good job at it.

    just like eyelikeart said, he just happened to capitolize on trash tv:p
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    This is unlikely to be good.

    No matter how smart Mr. Springer may or may not be, his "career" thus far does nothing to suggest that this person has an ounce of vision, judgement, or propriety.

    Brains may be necessary to be a good legislator, but it's not sufficient.

    One must have the intestinal fortitude to say "no" when people want something that is ultimately self-destructive. (That the incumbents can't either doesn't justify Springer's candidacy.) Mr. Springer has done nothing but show that he can serve up whatever the lowest common denominator wants.

    IMHO, he'll add nothing and risks turning the Senate floor into a circus ring.
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    In a debate:

    "Mr. Springer, how do you stand on drug use and underage drinking..."
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    He got busted using city money for a hooker... I think he was busted in Cincinnati... pwned

    What the hell, WHY LANUCH ADS everywhere if you are running in Ohio.


    Jesus he aint gonna get elected anywhere.

    BTW, what party is he running on?

    The 'FailedTVShow Party' ?
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    You watch daytime TV lately?

    With millions of hillbillies in the country, it's going strong, still has a solid viewer base, and doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Really it's testament to how intelligent he really is...

    he's basically come out and said his show is garbage and he doesn't know why anyone watches... but he'll gladly keep making money in the long run...

    at least he's honest about it, howard stern actually beleived in himself in this regard...

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    The idea of Jerry Springer as a US Senator makes me want to puke....makes me sick....ick.....ew! He doesn't seem to be the kind of man with any strong morals.....he just does what he thinks will get people's attention or vote or whatever. His show maybe "successful", but I can't stand the thought that it actually airs at all. It just shows how sick this country is and so far from its roots. I know it is a free country and anybody can run. I just can't justify this man running for any office. I just wish his trash tv show would get canceled or just disappear along with the rest of trash tv. I miss family oriented tv so much that now days I only watch sports and weather and history channels.....the rest can take a jump into the lake and drown for all I care!
  17. Das
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    Hey, Californians re-elected Gray Davis so maybe there is a chance for him to be elected.

    Unfortunately for him, 90% of his target audience who will vote A) will have ruined their hand when asked to punch the ticket and wont be able to finish B) are in prison C) can't go into their local voting precinct due to risk of said incarceration (police station, hospital, 7-11) D) are underage E) are drunk F) are drunk and underage and G) will accidentally vote for Pat Buchanan.
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    I definitely don't want to see another Democrat in the Senate. He was elected mayor of Cincinnati because it's a big liberal city. Ohio as a whole is still conservative, so that looks good for incumbent Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio!
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    This guy is a phreaking loser...
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    I thought it was on re-runs, meh oh well.

    And you think Liberal watch that show more then others?
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    Sun Baked

    This should make people happy...
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    oh darn. i was waiting for arnold schartzanegar to run for cali governer, then ozzy osbourne could run for president!:p

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