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Sendstation PocketDock

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by jsalicru, Jul 21, 2007.

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    I have a question. Really, wondering if anyone has this and has tried it for their iPhone. It says on their website "iPhone: PocketDock Line Out USB can currently be only used to sync & charge the iPhone via USB. Line Out audio is not yet available." However, since you can use a regular dock to play music on the iPhone... why not this? I know that the iPhone gives you a prompt when you dock it on a non-iPhone dock.. but still it works and plays music.

    Sendstation PocketDock Line Out USB
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    This will be PERFECT for my auto needs if they get it working with the iPhone audio out. Whoever gets this out first gets my money!
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    I emailed their customer support, they are working on a cable that will provide line out audio for the iPhone.
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    A cable? Interesting...
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    man i want this!
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    my only issue is that I don't understand how it can't work. Im really thinking about getting it to try it out.

    My bet is that it will work just like the iPhone works when you dock it to a non-iPhone dock.
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    Scratch that... got my VW back today and used my Belkin kit that I hard-wired into the car... it doesn't work. Its the first time anything wont play music from my iPhone.
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    I think I was the first person to talk to sendstation about the line out not working. They couldn't tell me what had changed but a few days later they got the specs from Apple they needed and I guess are working on something new. My guess was another pin in the dock needed to be hot or something before the phone would switch to line out.
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    I'd imagine that by September at the latest we'll start seeing these types of accessories from lots of different vendors. I know I need one for each of our cars.
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    Time to ressurect an old tired thread ... :D but my iPhone 3G definitely does not work with the PocketDock USB, but the SendStation website claims the the iPhone (all generations) is supported.

    Is there perhaps an updated PocketDock which supports the iPhone? Any info appreciated while I wait for a reply from SendStation.
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    Does anyone have an update on this? Especially w/ the iPhone 4? I saw that this thread had not been updated in awhile. Hopefully Sendstation has resolved this issue. I know my SIK adapter doesn't work, so hopefully the Sendstation does - or I guess there is not a solution for playing your iPhone hardwired to your car stereo.

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