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Separate multiple episodes from a single .m4v

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rspeaker, Jul 21, 2009.

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    I have a TV show I ripped with Handbrake. The DVD has a single title, almost 4 hours long, and it contains nine episodes. I'd like to separate these episodes into individual files, and am trying to find the best way.

    Quicktime Pro would work (using trim to selection,) but I can't get the precise moment I want it to begin/end (QT jumps around when I move the slider, so I'm getting a portion of the last episode and a portion of the next episode.)

    MPEG Streamclip also seems to work, but I lose my chapters.

    Other suggestions?
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    In QuickTime you can click on the digits of the time counter and enter an exact amount in.
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    Does the single 4 hour TV Show show chapters 1 - 9 in HandBrake? If so you could encode each individual chapter, therefore you will split each episode up into individual files.
    Might take a while to re-encode i suppose but could be an option.
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    I agree with this method. Usually when TV Shows do that, there are chapter markers for each episode.
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    Chalk this up to a failure to think on my part. The re-encoding will stink, but this is what I need to do. Thanks for the suggestion/reminder!
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    Check out the titles which are available to HandBrake. I have found that most of my discs of TV episodes are organized with a large title which includes all the episodes as well as smaller titles which include one episode each. By default, Handbrake selects the longest title. I just select the smaller titles and add all three or four of them to the queue, then start the encode.
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    That was my problem, actually, stuck in the "titles" mentality. I'm used to ripping tv shows and know each episode is generally it's own title. For this particular show, though, there is just one title, almost four hours long. I ripped the title hoping to separate them later.

    Turns out for that one title, I need to rip selected chapters, and sort I out tha way. I really should have known that.

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