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SEPARATE subforum for Windows games!

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by 50548, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I have already proposed to our dear MR editors that a SPECIFIC subforum be created for those geniuses playing Windows games on a Mac, whether through virtualization, emulation or boot camp.

    Case in point: you see people talking about Steam-bought Bioshock 2 - does it exist for Mac ON STEAM? NO!

    This is a MAC forum, and ONLY Mac-native/ported games should be discussed in the games section. Do you wanna talk about gaming on Consoles, Amiga, Windows, Atari ST or whatever? Just use a subforum for that.

    Besides, there is ALREADY a subforum for console gaming - why not the same for Windows or whatever else? This is a MAC forum, for Mac OS users. I do NOT intend to pay 200 USD to install Windows and run Parallels.

    In conclusion: I am tired of being confused when someone announces "Great whatever game" just to see that it's for Windows.

    Your prompt positive response toward the creation of a Windows gaming subforum will be appreciated.
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    "You can run Windows on a Mac."

    There's no reason for a separate Windows gaming forum. Games can be played on either platform with virtualization or Boot Camp. The two gaming forums are fine the way they are now.
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    No, I CANNOT run Windows on a Mac without investing at least 200 dollars on a Windows license and consequently having to use a different OS than what is natively installed on my Mac.

    In the 90s one could also install an OrangePC board to run DOS and Windows on Macs. This didn't mean the same as gaming on a Mac.

    I reiterate my request on the basis of the above; otherwise we may as well start discussing Amiga, Atari ST, Linux and even Console games in the same forum...they can all "run" on a Mac as well.
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    Those discussions occasionaly pop up in the Mac & PC games forum, and that's fine.
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    Seems pointless. The forums are fine as they are. Games are games, no matter the platform.
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    So why have a different subforum for consoles? The logic is exactly the same.

    Honestly, I find it astounding that there is even a slight resistance to the proposal above. I have seen countless situations where people visit a thread and participate in it just to find out, to their dismay, that the game in question is Windows-only.

    It's simply a matter of creating a damn single subforum for Windows games, where people will know exactly what they are looking at with clarity and no platform-confusion at all.

    One additional subfolder under the main title...what the heck is the problem with that if it reduces confusion for users? Or is this site now controlled by Rob Enderle?
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    The problem with your suggestion is that it won't reduce confusion. This is a Mac site, and plenty of people play Windows-only games on their Macs running Windows. You could argue that "PC" should be changed to "Windows" or "Mac" to "OS X" but IMO it still wouldn't merit a separate subforum because it's just not necessary. Operating system isn't a big issue for desktop gaming any more; you're in the minority.
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    Because consoles are different from computers. Both Macs and PCs are computers and you play games on them in exactly the same way. The only difference being, the Operating System being run.

    Consoles are a totally different kettle of fish.
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    I still disagree, but fair enough - what about inserting a necessary drop-down option when posting a new thread on whether a game pertains to Windows, Mac OS or any other OS for that matter?

    At least this will reduce confusion for those (not only me) seeking information about Mac-NATIVE games in a Mac forum, instead of having to visit each and every thread just to understand whether the latest Steam game is Windows or Mac OS native.
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    I don't see enough critical mass to keep both a Mac games and a windows games sub forum fairly active. I think one will whither on the vine.

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