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Sept 9th: iTunes 8, iPhone Firmware 2.1... with Hidden Features?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by Apple Ink, Sep 6, 2008.

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    Apple Ink

    Ars Link

    This is exciting considering that Ars has a damn good record on iTunes and general Apple rumors!
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    Sort of sounds like Push will be in 2.1 after all.
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    Maybe I'm just being pedantic, but shouldn't the title read: "September 9: iPones 2.1, iTunes confirmed? Ars!"
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    Apple Ink

    Sounds a lot more than 'just' that to me! Maybe the MMe iDisk-iPhone thing stated by Rose is true after all!

    :confused: I think I'm telling you people of whats happened and not asking...
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    I hope it's true! I had a dream last night that 2.0.3 was released instead. :eek:

    <------spends too much time on MR :eek:
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    AAC 5.1

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    Sept 9th: iTunes 8, iPhone Firmware 2.1... with Hidden Features?


    Despite having some initial doubts, Arstechnica now believes that Kevin Rose was correct and that iTunes 8 will be arriving on September 9th alongside the expected iPod updates.

    Also expected is the iPhone 2.1 firmware which had been also reported with the original rumor.

    One new tidbit, however, is that Ars was told that there are parts of the iPhone 2.1 firmware "that were specifically removed from developer seeds in order to keep them secret from the world." If true, that means there may be some surprise features that will be announced on September 9th.

    Developers may note that Apple has ceased delivery of iPhone 2.1 firmware betas over the past few weeks, which is consistent with it having been declared Gold Master in anticipation of the upcoming release.

    Apple is holding a special media event to announce their new products on Tuesday, September 9th.

    Article Link
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    iTunes 8.0 or iPhone 2.1 have not been 'confirmed', it's still a rumour, hence the question mark.
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    Apple Ink

    I think we all agree that the current state of 2.0.2 has us all dreaming for a more faster, stable bug free update!

    BoyBach.... Ars says its confirmed and hence the exclamation mark! So its kind of confirmed!
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    Awesome! That's really exciting =)
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    Can't wait...... Maybe copy/paste
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    So...Copy/Paste? MMS? 3G that works?
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    Let's Hope!

    I just hope it doesn't crash as much too!
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    will there be coverage of the event at macrumorslive.com?


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    Let's hope so, the worst thing would be for this event to be a lame duck.
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    iPhone 2.1

    Having installed 2.1 beta 4 on my development iPod Touch... i must say there are no problems with it at all. Also, it seems that apps install much faster than on my iPhone 3G which is currently still on 2.0.2. There is also no problem with keyboard lag on 2.1 but that's just in my case.

    Can't wait to see what (if) these hidden features are.
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    I'll hold my applause for something that is revolutionary.
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    Here's hoping for a new UI for iTunes:D
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    So both the Touch and the iPhone will get 2.1 shortly, eh? Sounds great!

    But 2.1 better be perfect (or close), after how 2.0 has been. :mad:
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    Whoa. That's interesting.

    This could be a sign that the rumored ~5.5" mini-tablet running an enhanced iPhone OS with new features is coming on September 9!
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    Well those missing features would be "The One More Thing"... Here is hoping they're worth the focus. :cool:

    Thanks for the catch, JoshHawn.
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    i think you mean "one more thing"... but that's okay... people would forget as there hasn't been a "one more thing" in almost 2 years :( :(
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    Come on copy/paste!!

    And MMS!
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    I'm crossing my fingers for GPS on the Touch.
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    COPY AND PASTE or....


    I hope.

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