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September 6, 1984: Mac 512 Introduced

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I think they called this the "fat mac" - because of its 512 Kilobytes (!) of memory, up from 128k in the previous one.

    My roommate at the time worked at Apple, and I was able to buy one of these one behalf of a friend at his employee discount. I think it was still something like $2500 -- equivalent to maybe $5k today. It played LodeRunner really well, and had a rudimentary word processor, but I don't remember being able to do much else with it.
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    Yeah, my folks got one of these. I was headlong into the Apple IIgs those days, and quite clearly "anti-mac".

    Though, the Apple // series played lode runner really well as well. I 'd love to play that one again. Played it for hours. Maybe months.
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    My screen name comes from the 512ke I own. It came out right after the 512ke with a bit of extra memory. You can't hook up a hard drive. I have the external floppy... 400K. The whole thing still works. The star programs on the floppies? Microsoft Word and MacPaint. Oh, and Prince of Persia.
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    IIRC, a hard drive was available. It should be capable of connecting to a Drive-port based hard drive - a ProFile or an Apple HD20 (but not the HD20 SC - that was SCSI based.)

    Also, if you have a 512ke (and not the original 512k), then you have support for 800K floppy drives in addition to the older 400K drives.

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