Serial Cat Killer

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Jul 2, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    Aww man that is sick!
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    maybe this IS true:

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    wow...summertime brings out the freaks!!! :eek:

    first cat killers...what's next?

    the squirrel squad?!
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    Mr. Anderson

    ha, well, my dog would sign up for that :D

    And it was weird last night around 3 a neighbors cat came over to the front of the house and started yowling for our cat to come out and play - the dog went nuts! :D

    I opened the door and it was sitting on the front steps - the dog was barking like mad - cat police, you know?

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    he he..I can only imagine how much she was freaking out over that! :D often does she actually catch a squirrel? :eek:
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    Mr. Anderson

    She's caught a squirrel twice - both times while on the leash, so I yanked her back they got away.

    Squirrels aren't that smart, you know? :D

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    i heard about this this morning.


    i wish i lived in a society that valued the life of animals as much as i do... i realize this guy is lunatic fringe, but it still reflects the lack of value placed on life by society...

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    Cat or not

    If I found this guy eviscerating one of MY cats, I'd kill the bastard.

    Baseball bat to the temple.
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    Re: Cat or not

    If these were just stray cats, this would be very troubling, but these cats belong to people, and that makes it much worse.

    Try India. There are places where even the rats are sacred.

    Are your cats worth spending the rest of your life in prison over?
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    Man, I'm a dog person myself but that is just f*cked up.
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    I primarily enjoy the company of cats, but I love dogs, and all animals for that matter... This is terrible - prolly some screwed up teenager. Because we are theoretically top of the food chain, I feel people have a responsibility to care for animals - I mean, look at a puppy or a kitten for example... They'll trust and love you right out of the 'box'.. Only when abused do they become mean... Just my personal opinion..
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    heh...yeah...I seem to remember one particular squirrel on Capital Hill who liked to get up very close to people & beg for food... ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha! Marley would have gone nuts -

    This morning we were out walking and found a couple baby birds that must have fallen out of their nest.....she wasn't sure what to do. They had feathers, but probably needed another week or so before they'd be able to fly. The made a lot of noise when she got close - it was kind of cute - but its sad, cause both those birds won't survive.....

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    Handfeed them for a while then. It's not that hard. I did it just a few weeks ago with some fledglings.

    Keep them outside but protected (elevated) for most of the day so their parents can collect them if need be. Often the parents will let the babies out of the nest to learn about the world/reduce dependence. Parents will fly away and (sometimes) observe if their young are approached or touched, but will usually come back to collect them.
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    That is just disgusting. Poor cats. :(

    I'm more of a dog person, but I still hate to see animals die. :(
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    I'm a dog person also. Just never really cared for cats, tenedancy to be aloof. They are still a precious animal that needs our protection.

    She's in court over her treatment of cats, she is a very fiesty lady.
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    Re: Re: Cat or not

    Thats true. In iNDIA a rat as more rights than a Dalit. hows that make you feel Paul? rats are given precedence over a living breating human. just because of their family. yeah.

    its called the caste system.
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