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Serious iPhone to Android Question

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Wicked1, Oct 6, 2012.

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    My company pays for my iPhone and bill, however we just got word the new phones of choice are going to be Android S GS3, or Windows Phone 8 Nokia.

    I prefer not to go windows phone and since I have to have a phone for work, and our company is going to issue them, as reluctant as I am to move, does anyone know an easy way to move iCloud calendar and contacts from my iPhone 4S to gmail?

    I am very technical and there are so many things I have tried but not without duplicating contacts and calendar appointments in my email.

    I hate leaving iOS, but since I have to have a phone and prefer not to have to carry two, and we are not allowed to do call forwarding on the weeks I am on call to my personal phone, I just need a quick and secure way to transfer everything. I got my Samsung GS3 already but have not moved anything over.

    Appreciate the help, as I am not a fanboy or hater, just need something that works, and since I do not have to pay for it, might as well go with it.
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    You say you have choices to make but you have GS3 already?
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    You have a company-provided iPhone 4S and they pay for your bill, right? Why not just keep the 4S and have the company continue to foot the bill? Or are they forcing you to return the 4S?
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    He made his choice...and I would guess that moving to android is driving him to gmail.

    Can you use Outlook as an intermediary maybe? Synch the iPhone to Outlook, then export from outlook to gmail?
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    I have no choice, my 4S is getting shutoff, and my only choice on Friday was GS3, or Windows phone, and since the Windows 8 phone is unknown, I went with what most folks did, the Galaxy.

    I guess I could Sync with Outlook and then export to gmail, I was just hoping there was an easier way of syncing my Mac Mini with iCloud, then exporting it to gmail, but I have not been able to get this to work since Apple locks down the IMAP client settings, and they can not be used on anything by Apple iOS or Mac products.
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    I understood you have no choice in losing your iPhone, but you had said you had the choice of either Windows or Android as your replacement and I was clarifying for the other poster that your need to use Gmail was likely driven by your choice of the Android phone over the Windows phone
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    How much did samsung pay your company to use their phones
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    You can sync your Mac address book with Gmail, so first sync your Mac address book with iCloud, then with gmail. This will add all your contacts to Gmail.

    As for you calendar, add both your gmail and icloud accounts to ical, then you can edit any event and move it to another calendar.
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