Serious iPod competition?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by hayduke, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Okay, well nothing can *seriously* compete with the iPod, but I just came across this:

    I don't know how good it is or how reliable or durable. Nor do I know what the battery life is like, but ME LIKEY!!! Would be nice if Apple did something similar.
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    no video. Looks kinda cool, though.
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    Uhhhh that looks like an ipod dude...just with a few changes...made just like the 5Gen ipod...thats a rip off.

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    Not really a rip off, But give it 6 months and we'll probably see a Nano that'll see off this temporarily interesting machine.

    For something you can buy now, I really like the Samsung YP-Z5. It gets panned by nerds who buy unreliable feature-loaded iAudios and suchlike, so it's unfortunate for Samsung because it's even lower on features than the Nano, and features is really what non-iPods sell on. Apparently they poached an Apple guy to develop the Z5 and although it's not as slick as a Nano, it's really nice. When you use it for a while you find it's full of 'heh, that's nice' touches that Apple are usually known for.
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    Just to clarify...

    It claims to support AVI playback.

    Show me an iPod that is the size of a credit card with 320x240 screen and I'll agree with you. Not trying to be confrontational, I just don't see it as a total rip-off...aside from the overall look.

    I'm not suggesting this is an iPod killer, I guess mostly I'm excited to see what the new nano's look like.
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    Read my post again....I was talking about the look....who wouldn't look at that and think ipod...Good for them they got it the size of a credit card but they could at least get a better design(it look very much so)....come on.

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    Is that the OS X "Aqua Blue" desktop on the main menu :eek: :confused:
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    ah yeah, so it does. They sorta tucked that bit of info away in the tech specs, didn't they? You think they would brag about that point.
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    Unless it can use the ITMS it will fail, as so many others have. Although Apple needs to keep on their toes and offer a refresh, don't let the 'Pod get stale!
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    Nice looking product.

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