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Seriously cool iMac G5 desktop

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Mike Teezie, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Mike Teezie

    It shows what the computer's insides would look like through a semi-transparent screen/wallpaper.

    Very cool.

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    Its not that great TBO. :(
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    Sorry, but it isn't as nice as I expected. It's essentially an underlay of the default Mac OS X desktop. The same that I use on my G4. Having just the G5 layout would be nice.
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    yeah i like it. if you're using that App that those guys make for the iMac G5 it would be pretty cool.
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    Not exactly what I was expecting but interesting nonetheless
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    Mike Teezie

    I wouldn't use it, and it could be done a lot better.

    The idea is nice though.
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    Looks kind of dirty IMHO.
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    Doesn't make me go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, but it is a cool idea. I like it, just not in an "excited" way.
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    I used to have a photo of my boss on transparent way with the aqua desktop as if he was looking angry at me ... :) that was funny until he saw it :eek: ... Now, I prefer to rotate the desktop picture every week...
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    I agree with you I was looking at it for a sec until I relized it was the inside. Its a cool idea though.
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    Nice idea, not very well executed, and a bit messy... I'll go with those who voted this 'average'...

    And kind of silly to use on (or modify for) my iBook... :p ...unless you hooked it up to an iSigth and really got a semi transparent image of what's behind the screen, that would be kind of :cool:... ;)
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    Mike Teezie

    Average indeed.

    If I had an iMac, I'd try to use the "loagic board" underneath an actually cool desktop.

    And I can't figure out why it's grainy?

    Oh well.
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    Err, isn't that just two layers with the opacity turned downed on the g5 layer? I must be missing something.

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