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Seriously, Iowa?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by geekgirl, Feb 24, 2011.

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    After a lull in the insanity:

    Bill aims to bar gay marriage, review by court

    I am getting very sick and tired of valuable time and money being taken up by this. If only the people proposing these bills would listen to reason...

    What will they come up with next????
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    I first read that as "Bill aims to gay bar marriage" and I was like good for him... :D
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    Bigots will stop at nothing to push their hate.
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    Rodimus Prime

    umm yeah they can say that but not going to stop the courts from over turning it.

    Also like it has been pointed out before do not group an entire state based on a small number of Representatives. 6 reps out of the entire states congress is not exactly much.

    What really matters is if the bill passes by getting to the floor. If it pigeon holed then it was nothing but political move to sponsor it but never going to be voted on it.

    You should look at how many stupid bills are "sponsored" but are just pigeon holed. They do those sponsors to say hey look to some of their voters to say they are working for them but at the same time really prevents pissing off the masses because guess what never have to vote on it and never have to say their true position.
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    Ever play three card monte? Ever watch a magician? The con-artist or magician distracts you or diverts your attention from what is really happening. Here, the GOP are proposing bills they know won't pass to use wedge issues, bigotry, homophobia and religion to distract people from what they actually want to do, and that's replace government of the people with corporate power and control.
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    Was it passed or is it close to passing? No? Move along folks...
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    This has just been proposed, but ignoring stuff like this is NOT a good idea. As an Iowan, I damn well want to know that they are wasting time with this junk.
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    Right. But no one else cares. If I brought up every stupid liberal bill proposed in the Iowa legislature for the past 2 years, it'd be half the threads in this forum. Until there's real news or something actually happens... or maybe even if it represents a larger trend across the country that affects more people than just you and me here, you're just taking up space IMHO.
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    You know what they say about opinions.

    Keep posting these OP. You have to shine the light on the hate legislation that is coming out of the Republican Party state legislatures these days. In fact, I'll be posting a new thread on a Georgia legislature attack on women.

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