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Server Upgrades Complete, MacRumors Now Snappier

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 13, 2007.

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    MacRumors has successfully transitioned to 5 new dedicated servers, replacing our existing servers.

    The upgrades were prompted by the growing popularity of the site and especially our forums which also power the comment section on all news and rumor stories. Beyond the usual daily traffic, launch event (Macworld, iPhone, Leopard) days generally see a burst of traffic which can cause "server busy" messages to appear.

    These upgrades should allow the forums to continue functioning smoothly in face of ongoing growth.

    Readers are encouraged to visit and participate in our Forums. There are a number of areas of interest, including:

    Help and Advice
    - Mac Basics and Help
    - Buying Tips and Advice

    Product Specific Forums
    - Mac Pro
    - MacBook and MacBook Pro
    - iPhone Discussion
    - iPod Touch Discussion
    - Mac OS X

    Special Interest Forums
    - Design and Graphics
    - Digital Photography
    - Digital Video
    - Digital Audio
    - Web Design and Development

    User organized activities and projects
    - Nike+ Challenges - monthly Nike+ running challenges.
    - iChat 4.0 Effects: Hologram effect, Invisible effect, Hologram, Upside Down effects (installation instructions)
    - Picture Gallery
    - Community Forums

    A full list of forums can be viewed at the forum home and real-time live postings can be followed at spy.macrumors.com

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    Congratulations! This is great news.

    Makes my Safari seem snappier…

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    Woot. First Safari is snappier.. now MacRumors is snappier. Does that make it snappier^2?
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    MacRumors runs entirely on OS X Server, right? Right? ;)
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    Wow.. it IS snappier!
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    Are we using the new G5 Powerbook servers?

    Definitely seems snappier to me! Good work.
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    keep up the good work.
  8. arn
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    Staff Member

    fyi, we're on Clovertown-based servers with softlayer.com. Not running on Mac OS X, however. They run variants of Linux.

    Other Notes

    - Forum search should be much better now with some advanced options being tested.
    - You may see some forum slowness weekly at 4:30am EST on Sunday when our full database backup takes place. Incremental backups are taken throughout the week which shouldn't affect performance.

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    though the front page says there is only one comment on this page. zero before i posted...
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    5 years later, still the best Mac News/Rumors site. And now it is faster too!

    Job well done Arn.
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    We need a better word because snappier is an understatement.:cool:
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    Great work! It is VERY snappy.
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    I like the new sub-forums.
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    great job, it IS snappier! keep it up. i'm glad you guys are getting more popular, you deserve it! :D
  15. arn
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    Staff Member

    front page is cached, so comment count numbers may be delayed by 15 minutes.

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    It's always good to hear about improvements. Congratulations.
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    Nice and snappy
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    This upgrade was needed I was getting a lot of server busy. This at times that are opposite the US.
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    I'm waiting for the first downvote.
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    Excellent power boost to the site. First site I check when I get home from work. Thanks!
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    I just think it is phunnie they declared it "snappier", especially since it is more so on my install of Safari. :D

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    way to go Arn!!

    This is my favorite website, and has been for years.

    I really should donate.

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    kind of a bummer... good PR lost. At least its not IIS or something though ;)
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    Scarlet Fever

    still needs more cowbell
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    After the upgrade, Safari seems snappier. :D

    After the upgrade, Safari seems snappier. :D

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