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Service Pack 2 Help

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by kwong2006, Jun 23, 2007.

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    I have trouble installing SP2 on my Mac. I have SP1, but when I tried to install SP2, it says I need 4 additional MB of space to install it. How can I get around it? I did a search on it at this forum and someone said they got around it, but they didn't specify how.
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    Fleetwood Mac

    You can't install XP SP 1 on your Mac. What size partition did you make for BootCamp?
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    I already installed SP1 on my Mac. It runs.

    The partition is 50GB. I have more than enough free space on there.
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    There was a reason why Apple states Win XP with SP2, I guess you found the reason.
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    Fleetwood Mac

    Let me clarify. You CAN NOT run Windows XP SP 1 on BootCamp. Honestly, it says it all over the BootCamp site, in the ReadMe and right in the Assistant software. :D;)

    It might install, but the drivers won't. You will never have a fully functioning SP1 install on BootCamp. Buy Parallels if you want to run SP1.

    The only thing you can do now is use the BootCamp utility to remove the partition you created, restart, create a new partition, and install an SP2 version. I tried the same thing for fun, and this is the only way that worked.
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    Some of the drivers did work, but not all of them, you are right. I originally wanted to install SP2 later (I can't get a copy of XP with SP2. I have the original XP).

    I eventually slipstreamed SP2 into my XP. It works fine now. In fact, I am typing this message on Windows Safari ;)
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    Fleetwood Mac

    Excellent!! Enjoy your XP.

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