Set top box with metadata and artwork?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by apatel87, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Anyone know of a good all in one set top box that plays your local content with metadata and artwork? I am not talking about something that utilizes Plex media server because I would rather not have any over the air transcoding. I had an Apple TV but preferred something with 1080p output. I also have a boxee box which is really nice but more on the expensive end.

    Do any of the new WD TV live boxes offer that? I was looking at this video:
    and it seemed to show artwork at around the 4 minute mark. Is that truly the case.

    Anyone else recommend a different set top box. I am a sucker for fancy visuals so any recommendations would be much appreciated. I did have a Mac Mini HTPC with Plex but that is just out of my budget right now.

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    If you're a sucker for fancy visuals, I am too, then your best option is XBMC. I would go for a cheap ATOM/ION box and use XBMC this will give you all the fancy skins and visuals you could ever ask for and full 1080p support.

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