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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Choppaface, Mar 12, 2002.

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    i have a copy of the setiathome command line version in my Applications folder but it keeps on throwing all its data files in my home folder, hence I can't run two copies of the command line client at the same time on my DP machine (the second one wants to throw its crap in my home folder too, but there's already data files there...get the picture?). somehow i got it working once so it kept its crap it is own folder, and I had two command line version clients running side by side for a time, but I screwed up somehow and it's throwing its stuff in my home folder again.

    can anybody help?

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    Re: seti at home

    eh? i know some of you out there use it!!!
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    I've never used seti@home, but have you tried running it with the "--help" flag?

    If the seti@home client dumps its data into its own folder which is a subdirectory of your home directory, a quick and dirty but not very aesthetically pleasing solution would be to move that directory where you want, then create a symlink from that folder's original location to its new location.

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    i just figured it out

    on startup it dumps its data in whatever is the current directory.

    so if I start it up in a new terminal window using /Applications/setiathome/setiahome

    it dumps its .sah files in my home directory because thats the active directory

    if I do cd /Applications/setiathome; ./setiathome

    it creates its .sah files in its own directory (which would be the current directory at the time)

    I tried moving the .sah files around and it just freezes the client cuz for like 10 min then it starts reevaluating whatever it buffered before the files were moved

    odd, is this a convention of some sort? to always move to the app's directory before starting it?
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    also, I'm having a crontab problem. I have it set so that cron starts them up hourly if theyre off. but it ends up that the cron process somehow makes a third instance of setiathome if theyre both running. whats up with that??

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