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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by bokdol, Apr 23, 2003.

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    i have officially trasfered my macaddict group to macrumors. my tiny 58 units done has found a new home..:D
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    Doctor Q

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    You and your 58 units are quite welcome. You should really post this to the Distributed Computing forum, not Community Discussion.
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    What is our SETI team number? (Although I like having all of our eggs in one Basket under folding, I am all for promoting MacRumors.com. :))
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    Doctor Q

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    Sweet! Welcome aboard, man. Don't feel bad about your paltry 58 units, either. I've only got 18 so far, but every little bit helps. Soon enough this 450 will be crunching full time (it's on the screen saver client right now) and I'll have a new Dual GHz machine to add to the mix. Then the numbers will start coming in! :D

    BTW, I know there's a folding core under development that takes advantage of AltiVec. Any idea if the SETI core does the same or if there's a plan to develop such a core?
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    thanbk god i have a 366 ibook thank is always on... but it takes for ever to do one work unit.. hahaha. and i am happy to be a part of the macrumors team
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    law guy

    Just added a dual 1.42 a little over a week ago and...

    I'd just downloaded the client the weekend prior to last and I've been amazed at how well the dual 1.42 has done. It's crunching units at an average of 6 1/2 hrs. (faster results when it's just running overnight). 55 units completed to date coming up on two weeks.
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    i don t think so, but i certainly can be wrong.
    this is why i think it s not gonna happen.
    Altivec is a speacial treatement for vectors, and matrixes. But well , while fah or gah is really spinning the molecules to see where they fir, and how they are composed., seti is "just" analysing some tones. and tones, are not really treated well with altivec.... infact the altivec system isn t appliable to sounds. that s why, even if there would be an altivec seti client, realeased, there would be no real speed bump. and therefore the coding of the new client isn t really useful.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Wow, 4 4000+ days in a row - and its looking like we might get a 5th! Our curve of the Extreme page is now it a definite positive direction - that's the problem with it, its not a large enogh sampling of days and the overall chart comparing the other teams is just a straight line...

    But, could this be the 30,000 point week!?!?


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    i hope so :D
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    I've got 417 work units done and almost done with the 418th... I'm on team MacAddict though.
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    OK now you done it!

    I can't let you guys do all the work...I just signed up for the folding program and joined your team :)

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    Wanna switch?
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    Now it is on 3 desktops (only 2 are running often) and 1 P3 500MHz laptop. Fastest machine (1333MHz Athlon) does about 6-8hrs per unit. My new machine (not sure what it will be.... 970?) should be much faster!!! :D
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    Re: OK now you done it!

    good so :D

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