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Setting Caller ID on iPad iMessages

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by bgro, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Are you able to set your caller id on the iPad iMessage application to your phone number? Wanted to see if you could start an iMessage from your iPad using your phone number (i have mine set to phone number on my iPhone and would like to match this setting).

    I know part of the iOS6 update was the merging of your phone number with Apple ID so wanted to see if this could be done.

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    Sorry dude, the iMessage settings pane doesn't even have any options for setting any kind of caller ID. it's completely absent. It is there for the FaceTime settings pane though. This is on the iPad btw.
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    Ok thank you. Guess the work around will be to set the caller id on my iphone to my Apple ID so everything is the same. Unless this functionality isn't yet enabled in the beta. Thanks again.
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    It's supposed to be an option on setting of iMessage or FaceTime but this is the first beta. I see no workaround it yet. Maybe next beta ?
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    I dont know what you guys checked but the option is there...

    Under Settings->Messages->Send & Receive
    Set "Start new coversations from:" to your number and you are done !

    Works perfectly.. :)
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    My number is not showing up as a option, bug? I wish I knew how to fix it!


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    Did you setup your iPhone iMessages before iPad one ? And does it show phone and email on your iPhone ... Of course need ios6 on iPhone as well
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    No wonder! I will update my iPhone to iOS 6 tomorrow. Thanks!
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    I don't see this option on the ipad, only on my iphone. (both are running ios 6 beta)
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    Did you setup your apple Id during initial setup or skipped it and later setup iMessage specifically under settings ?

    That's the only thing I can think of ... I setup the id initially and enabled everything ... Skipped it for my wife and setup manually which caused same issue as yours ...
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    I didn't set it up. I did an update from 5.1.1 (not a restore) and it didn't prompt me for any additional options (except to enable siri on my ipad)
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    You updated from 5.1.1 to 6 beta OTA ?? I thought that wasn't possible :confused:
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    No not OTA, I just option clicked the Check For Update button in iTunes, selected the ipsw I downloaded from my developer account, and it updated my ipad and iphone. It didn't make me redownload my apps or restore an icloud backup or anything. Everything was just there as if I had done a tradional update through iTunes.
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    Hmm .. Then it could be how a fresh setup and a upgrade are handled ... Tried switching off iMessage and enabling again ?
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    Do you need the iOS 6 beta on both the iPhone and the iPad for the iPad to receive text imessages? Or will just having it on the iPhone do it? is the iPhone itself the one doing the forwarding?
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    Anybody figured it out? Cant convince my Ipad to use my phone number. I have an Iphone 4 and Ipad 2, both with the Ios 6 Beta...
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    I got it to work!

    Just activate iMessage on iPad and AFTERWARDS activate iMessage on iPhone.
    A pop-up will come up on iPad saying the number was added and if you like to use it on your iPad as well. :)
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    I had trouble as well. I followed your suggestion, but I have not received the popup on my iPad yet. Does your iMessage/FaceTime Apple ID have to be a developer account? My Apple ID for iTunes is my developer account, but I use a separate one for iCloud/iMessage/FaceTime.
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    I don´t really know as I have one account for all...so could be the issue...
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    Now on my iPhone with iOS 6 is has my number greyed out so I can't even selected it as an option. Doesn't show up on my iPad on iOS 6 either. I deactivated both of them and reactivated them but still doesn't work
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    It is normal that the number is grey as you can´t change it.
    Did you do the activation in the order I suggested?
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    Yeah, that's what I'm wondering. When I first set it up, it set my iMessage up using my iTunes account. I think for about a minute, it did work and associated my number with that account. However, I signed out of it and signed in with my iCloud account ID. Haven't been able to get it to work since then. There are no options to unassociate or reassociate anything. I hope that once it is associated it is not set for life. Even better news, I tried signing in again with my main iTunes account to see if my phone number was still on there. Nope, I can't associate my phone number at all with my iPad anymore with either ID.
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    iMessage on the iPhone & iPad activated, but no phone number appeared on the iPad.

    But with FaceTime, it's activated on the iPad (no number showing though) but it just won't activate on the iPhone?

    Anybody else having this issue? - It just says "Waiting for activation..."

    EDIT - since saying that, it's randomly done it. -- my phone number still isn't showing on the iPad though!
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    Got it to work. It seems my iphones udid wasn't registered since i got it replaced a while back. Strange enough i was able to install ios 6 in the first place :confused: Noticed that when i tried to restore ios and got the message that i'm not registered
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    I got it to work on iPad, but not OSX yet.

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