Sex boosts productivity

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Durandal7, Nov 14, 2002.

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    Help the global economy, have sex ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, I'll vote for an official 'Sex Day' holiday. How about a Sex Day parade? I can imagine the floats already and the large, blow up figures floating high above the street......

    Ok, I've said too much, sorry.

    D ;)
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    ....doing!?! ;) :D
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    No wonder the economy's down.......
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    W would be assured re-election if he put this into his economic plan :D
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    I'd be tempted to vote for him if he made a "national sex day" holiday....
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    Simple solution: Legalize prostitution.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nah, that would only cause more problems - then you'd have to have National Prostitutes Day (instead of National Secretaries Day, etc) - it'd be a mess.

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    and weed maybe too? please?
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    I can just see the Shack and Mack ad campaign.

    Red Flowers for your red light girl....

    With, hm..... i dunno. Maybe some Serge Gainsbourg playing in the background.

    Je T' Non Plus could be the tune...
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    Mr. Anderson

    ha, and then we'd all burn in hell! ;)

    That would be taking things too far - chaos would ensue, worlds would collide, dogs and cats would be sleeping together.....then you'd wake up.

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    What about Porn?

    About this legalizing prostitution thing...
    How is it possible that prostitution is completely illegal in most countries, and yet being in a porn movie is completely LEGAL?! I mean, a porn actor/actress is having sex with strangers for money, right? How does that make it different from prostitution? And if you say it's because it's for a film, well then can any John Doe go up to a prostitute and say "hey, I'm the director of this porn movie starring myself, I'll pay you $$ to be my co-star"

    I've asked around and no one seems to know what legal loophole makes this possible. Anyone?

    BTW, I'm happily engaged to be married, so It's not that I want some nookie on the side;) I'm just curious about how conservatives can tolerate pornography as freedom of speech, but not prostitution. Go figure.:rolleyes:
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    New WTO motto, "Everybody must get laid." The protesters are gonnna have a hard time being anti-sex.
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    Common sense is not a requirement for a politician...
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    No truer words were ever spoken.
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    No wonder I haven't been worth a damn lately.
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    I'm leaving right now to go see the significant other. Bye. :)
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    haha yeah, good point. I don't get it either :confused:
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    3.5 years I can't believe this thread got ressurected (or how Boggle found it :))
  20. emw
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    This seems to be a trend - resurrecting old threads. What gives?
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    doing their part to boost productivity?

    (I'm doing my part) ;-)
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    So the question is... how many feel productive today?? :)
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    Doctor Q

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    A spammer resurrected the thread. The spam was removed, but meanwhile Boggle saw the active thread.
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    I do. :eek:

    <shrugs> what the hell, right?
  25. jsw
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    I feel completely unproductive. :(

    But, hey, I'm at work, and if I were productive here, I would get fired. :)

    On a different note, too bad that, once threads have been dead for a certain time (2.5 years at most), they can no longer be brought back to life... it freaks me out. ;)

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