SFPD Internal Investigation Over Lost iPhone 5 Continues

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 26, 2011.

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    The San Francisco Police Department's internal investigation into Apple's lost iPhone 5 prototype continues -- but not to get the phone back. Instead, the SFPD's internal affairs division is still looking into what role officers played in helping Apple employees search for the phone after it went missing at Cava 22, a restaurant and bar in San Francisco's Mission District.

    The owner of Cava 22 told CNET that police investigators had called the restaurant looking for surveillance video from July 21 and 22; most likely the day the phone went missing and the day after, when Apple employees were hunting for the device.

    Initially, San Francisco police denied any involvement in the hunt for the phone. It was later revealed that police did assist Apple investigators in looking for the device, even accompanying them to the home of a suspect, but claim Apple employees searched the suspect's house, with permission.
    Sergio Calderon, the man whose home, car and computer was searched by Apple employees, confirmed to police that he was at Cava 22 that night, but denied having possession of the phone.

    CNET reports that Calderon has not filed a complaint with the SFPD nor the city's Office of Citizen Complaints, which handles claims of police misconduct in San Francisco.

    Article Link: SFPD Internal Investigation Over Lost iPhone 5 Continues
  2. pewra, Sep 26, 2011
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    I doubt that anyone believes CNETs worthless hunk of paid promotion. Really, stop promoting that stupid bar.

    Did you know they offer a lime-marinated shrimp ceviche?
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    I smell something fishy here. I hope it's their delightful civiche!
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    I mean with that AWESOME ceviche they have there who wouldnt get a lil fat and happy and leave their 5th Generation iPhone just chillin in this perfectly located bar and spot for young professionals :cool:
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    Apple must have gotten their lost phone back and SFPD is worried they will get sued for letting non-law enforcement personel to search a private home.
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    Nah, the Cava 22 is worried that they might get sued for their standards exceeding lime-marinated shrimp ceviche!
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    Why are people so bitter about this bar? It's their fault some drunk lost another phone?
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    What, you believe a series of clearly promoted articles by one website with no sources only quoting the owner of a certain bar that serves a rather tasty lime-marinated shrimp ceviche?

    Read the original quotes carefully, then offer me some reasons why CNET isn't shovelling crap.
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    I hear that Tuesdays are now "Find a Lost iPhone" night at Cava 22. If you find an iPhone under your table you get a free order of shrimp ceviche.
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    What's their menu like?

    This is some serious promotion for their bar.
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    They probably can't find it because it looks just like the iPhone 4. :)
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    The sfpd spokesperson needs to review his crim law training as it absolutely does not require a victim for there to be a crime. Criminal law system in America is statutory which means it's a crime for merely breaking the law. Only in civil tort damage (victim) is required for suit.
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    Lt. Dangerfield....gets no respect, no respect.
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    WTF, are people still buying that this was a hoax perpetrated by cnet and cava22?

    Anyway, lets looks at what's wrong with you statement:
    -"one website": no. Major news outlets and every tech blog on the planet also ran with the story, most doing their own sourcing of information.
    -"only quoting the owner of a certain bar": again, no. Also quoting one mr Sergio Calderone and at least two separate spokespersons for the SFPD (Dangerfield being the only one recently).

    Now, offer me a reason why cnet is shovelling crap? Also cnn, sfgate, engadget, San Francisco Police Dept, USA Today, Mercury news, BGR, etc.
  15. pewra, Sep 26, 2011
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    No, like Macrumors, they all simply reference the CNET post with no additional information. Anything added is just speculation on top of an already dubious post. Aggregation, rather than reporting.

    Depending what article you stumble across, there is anywhere between 4 and 8 officers, sometimes he is told to keep quiet, sometimes he agrees, some times he is forced to agree, sometimes he is offered money, sometimes Apple beat him with a flexible rubber chicken.







    Again, not really much to go on. Quotes are awfully easy to fabricate, especially when you're the only 'exclusive source'.

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    SF Weekly http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2011/09/iphone_5_apple_police.php
    San Francisco Chronicle via USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/s...police-help-search-for-lost-iPhone/50269730/1
    Oh, and the San Francisco Police official statement via the San Francisco Police Department

    The fact is that the story was first reported by cnet. But has been covered, reported, investigated and verified by multiple sources, including the SFPD themselves. If the quotes are being fabricated, please provide some, any proof. Also, you should inform the SFPD, because apparently, someone is running around impersonating them, giving false quotes and has hacked their website.

    Are the conspiracy theorists the same people still claiming the moon landings were hoaxes too? Sometimes you wonder if it them being intentionally dense. One hopes so.
  17. pewra, Sep 26, 2011
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    Sounds pretty sedate. In the interests of full disclosure, I saw that, and assumed that it was a spoof site (ala The Onion).
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    The guy has the iphone prototype, what are the odds of them going to some random house using gps on the phone and the guy even said that he was at the bar that night, they didnt offer that guy enough money :)
  19. cere, Sep 26, 2011
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    I guess that is reason enough to make up reasons to try to debunk it? If you are going to minimize it, that's fine. But if you are going to try to prove it's a hoax, using facts will often do a better job for you.
    Just trying to correct your information. I would hate to think you were intentionally passing off bad info as facts.


    If they truly thought the GPS tracking was accurate enough and up to date, then they could have easily done a formal report for stolen property and had the police to a warranted search of the home.
  20. pewra, Sep 26, 2011
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    I wouldn't count any of those blogs as a credible source of anything.

    I especially liked sfweekly using a screenshot of a Facebook profile from a retired 'private investigator' having listed 'Apple Computers' as an 'Activity' as 'Evidence'. Chances are it's just some random they picked up.


    See where I'm going here?

    Anthony is clearly a fan of some chronic lime-marinated shrimp ceviche.

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    If the lost phone story is even remotely true, whoever has the phone is clever enough to just leave it off. As soon as they turn it on, it'll phone home and then all kids of shiat will hit the fan.

    The Engadget fiasco was a huge lesson.
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    Easy enough to beat. Don't turn it on until you remove the SIM and don't connect it to wifi.
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    louis Fashion

    Post of the Day

    Post of the day award. You are fanned.
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    Sometimes I wonder if he extreme measures apple takes to keep everything a secret won't end up hurting them some day.
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    My bet is that he had already sold it to a tech site and that they are waiting for the opportune time to release their findings. Like the night before the Iphone 5 conference. Like has been said, Apple wouldnt just show up at some random guys house who they tracked on GPS and happened to be at the bar. He had, it sold it.

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