All iPads SGP Cyber Monday 30% Sale Storewide

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by allapon, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Missing 20% Sale from Thanksgiving Deal?

    Now, Spigen just run another amazing sale for Cyber Monday, even better than Thanksgiving Sale. It is 30% Off storewide!!

    I just order my iPad Mini Ultra Optic screen protector for only $17.49 - 7.50 Discount!!

    Check out at

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    Thanks. It's been awhile since I paid this much for a screen protector, but have been curious about the Ultra Optics.
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    I used Ultra Optic on my iPhone 4 before I switch to Ultimate Class. I have to say that I impress with quality of clarity and Anti finger-print.
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    Just ordered something for my new iPad Mini :)
    The Ultra Matte Incredible Shield Screen & Body Protection Film Set that they have for the front and back. Anyone have any experience with these? Hoping they'll be pretty good.
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    Can someone with experience with the SGP's AND with el-cheapo versions comment on whether there really is a huge difference? I find it hard to believe. SGP's screen protectors seem insanely overpriced, but maybe that's just me.
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    I'll give my thoughts on it after I install it. I generally don't pay for the "big boys" (SGP and Power Support), and have been satisfied with lower priced options from Boxwave (as long as you don't buy from directly), myGear, and a few other brands that sell on Amazon whose names escape me at the moment. I usually try to buy multipacks for under $10 and usually try both clear and anti-glare.

    I did try a Power Support and SGP clear for my iPhone 4S and compared to a Monoprice screen protector, there was not much difference. The clarity was not noticeably different, but the cut was probably the biggest difference. Clear is clear, so I guess there can't really a huge difference for those, but for my iPad mini I went with an Anti-Glare. I got one from Boxwave that is working quite nicely, probably one of the better Anti-Glares that I have used, so I am anxious to see how the SGP Ultra Optics stacks up.
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    I used a couple cheap clear ones for my iPhone 4S before and switched to PS and SGP later on and never went back. Quality is definitely better. You get what you pay for. Never tried a matte protector on any of my devices but this will be my first time for my mini because I could not stand the fingerprints. I only hear good reviews for SGP and PS though. Only downside is the price.

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