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Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by benguild, Sep 3, 2003.

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    sorry to do shameless spams, but we are truely unique.
    - we also have forums, a gallery, as well as an arcade!

    - smash
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    Doesn't seem all that special to me....

    and when I registered and tried to post something it never posted and now I can't go anywhere on the site and it gives me this error message:

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    I get SQL errors as soon as I visit the site, a few of them. Layout looks nice though, but fix the database errors ;)
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    I second that. The layout is pretty good. But all these database errors are making the site unviewable.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Post back when the database errors are fixed (got the same issue myself).

    Good luck,

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    this is the same guy who posted a few weeks ago a "shameless plug" for this great drawing (!) his web site was doing...!

    I think we all kind of ragged on him then, and this is the same kind of crap.


    I commented that he didn't even try to mask his association with his company, because he used a handle that was similar to his company's name.

    This guy is just a spammer.

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