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Shake to Shuffle?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by swb1192, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Wouldn't this go off while in your pocket running/walking? I would be afraid that I would walk with the new Nano in my pocket and the song would repeatedly change...
    Did Apple do anything to prevent this from happening (Perhaps not working when in sleep mode?)
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    I'm sure Apple has engineered this feature so it doesn't happen accidentally.

    If not, perhaps it will only work when the iPod isn't in 'hold' mode.
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    So much for those dancing iPod commercials!
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    Umm is this feature exclusive to the Nano? I tried it with my ipod Touch and it doesn't work.
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    I believe so.

    Though it wouldn't surprise me if somebody writes an app to enable the Touch to do with as well. It has an accelerometer too after all.
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    We've seen it with the Wii, won't be long until somebody puts one through their TV.... :rolleyes:
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    I think you have to shake it quite violently to make it shuffle.
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    I don't think apps are allowed to access your music library. They are confined to their own space.
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    It would be rather useless as the app cannot run in the background or as a plug in, so the app would have to be open (iPod on the app screen and not asleep.)
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    The screen has to be on for more than 2 seconds for the shake to work.
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    But my TV is too heavy to shake! :D
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    Remember, if you shake it more than twice... you're playing with it. ;)
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    Enable or disable Shake for shuffling songs

    Choose Settings > Playback, choose Shake, and then select Shuffle or Off.
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    Where'd you read that?
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    Sorry rdowns beat me to it.
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    Surely would having the Hold button on also stop it from going off? I doubt apple would make a feature that defies the point of the hold button...
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    iPhone / iPod Touch OS 3

    I just installed the update on my iPod Touch and the "Shake to Shuffle" works really well. Random movement doesn't set it off, it takes a sharp chopping motion. Also you can disable the feature in the Settings Menu.
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    slap slap slap punch punch!!!
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    One has to give it a pretty good shake to get it to do anything. Very deliberate even
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    Yeah, the shake-to-shuffle on the touch needs quite a violent shake.

    Moreso than the nano. It often goes into shuffle mode in my pocket when I'm walking. That's why I always keep the hold switch on.

    On both iPods, you can turn off this feature in the Settings menu.
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    just put the hold switch to on and it will disable this feature. I am not sure that/

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