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Share iMac Airport with iBook via Bluetooth?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by eji, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. eji
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    I've Googled all evening for an answer to this, and I haven't found anything that looks even remotely like a proper solution.

    I've got an iMac running 10.5.4. It's connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi (AirPort) connection.

    I've got a G3 iBook running 10.4.11. For complicated but uninteresting reasons, I can't get a connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi to the router. Instead I want to share my iMac's AirPort connection with my Bluetooth-enabled iBook via, you guessed it, Bluetooth.

    How exactly do I do this? Something tells me it should be simple in theory but it's messy in practice.

    I'm not afraid of the Terminal, but I'd need to know off/on commands, if necessary.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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    bluetooth is even slow than dial up, just share the internet from the imac to the ibook.
  3. eji
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    Sharing the Internet is what I'm trying to do. Via Bluetooth.

    And, incidentally, is 100Kb/s dial-up speed? Because 100Kb/s is the speed I'm getting over my Bluetooth file-transfer connections.

    I know I started off this thread by asking for advice, but I'll pass some on to you. Get your facts straight. Learn to spell. Try to understand people's questions before you respond to them. And when you do come up with an answer, make sure it's partially intelligible.

    For anyone else who's coming to this thread in the hopes of finding an answer, I came across this free utility (Bluetooth to Internet 2.3), which might be the solution. I haven't had time to set it up yet, but at some point I'll give it a try.
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    I was just about to help you, but then I noticed this arrogant part:

  5. eji
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    You call it arrogance -- "an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities" -- but I'd say that description applies more to SnowLeopard's answer than my reply to him.

    I started this thread with a polite and detailed request for help, not an assessment as to whether or not my little tech venture was worth it. And I don't really understand why posts like SnowLeopard's are tolerated but mine is regarded as offensive.

    I mean, heck, I even revisited my own thread with a potential solution to help out others who wanted the same info. And somehow I emerge as the bad guy?
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    I call it arrogant that when asking for help, you demand that people should:
    – before they should dare responding to you.
    That is pure arrogance.
    Not to mention this part, where you tell people off:

    This is all a matter of context. You're here asking for help, yet the first poster who tries to help you gets told off, all the while you demand that they should make it "partially intelligible" and "learn how to spell", inferring that the bloke posting was not writing intelligible and that you won't take advice from someone who can't spell. That sure is arrogance in my book.

    And the thin polish of politeness soon wore off, didn't it?

    Well, if that's the case, I don't really know where to begin.

    Haha, you think that returning to your own thread is doing others a favour? And you STILL don't get why you come off as the arrogant one?
  7. eji
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    This thread deserves to get Wastelanded because it's gone far off its intended topic. But before it does, I'll respond to some of the points you made.

    SL2008's post was far from helpful. It was a snotty half-sentence telling me not to bother (for incorrect reasons) and to simply do what I was asking to do. You conveniently seem to want to ignore that so you can take me to task. If I'd responded in a similar way to one of your requests for help, you'd be less than thrilled.

    Yes, my politeness did disappear for a bit; I never said that I wasn't hot-tempered.

    Many posters don't return to their original thread to post solutions found elsewhere, especially when there hasn't been much community interest in the problem. I did it out of simple courtesy, not because I condescended to grace the forums with my presence a second time.

    And, finally, as you're charging me with arrogance, you ought to start thinking about your own hypocrisy. If my commenting on another member's posts is arrogant, what does that make your sniffy comments on my own? You could have just refrained from posting. Instead you made a point of sticking out your tongue and bragging that you were deliberately withholding information that the larger MR community might have found useful, just so you could take the thread OT and wag a shaming finger at me. Physician, heal thyself.
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    I'm sorry, but you have been on this forum for a while, you should KNOW that those type of responses are abound. If they're not exactly what you WANT, then say so, instead of going into some fit where you demand that a poster should be able to spell in order to respond to you, and so on, amounting to an ad hominem.

    No, but you purported to have "asked politely" AFTER you scolded the bloke.

    Ah, yes, you're big on courtesy. It shows.
    Even in this thread, where you dont even say thanks:


    Strawman, much? It's not you commenting on another poster's, well, post. It's the way you comment, your inferred demands and ad hominems.
    To disagree with you doesn't make me arrogant.

    And there your strawman argument came out in full bloom. :rolleyes:

    Wow, speaking of strawmen.
    First of all, I wasn't bragging. I was making a point, that I, for one, will not help someone who asks for hel, and when someone posts something you disagree with your response is to attack the person and act all arrogant and selfrighteous. I'm sorry, but in order to be "bragging", one has to be "proud" of something. I'm not in anyway proud that I know the answer to something as mondaine as this. But I was telling you (albeit in my own way) that if you act like that people, or at least yours truly, will be less inclined to help you.
    How you can make that into "bragging" is unfathomable.

  9. eji
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    Your private war on arrogance is undermined by your constant eye-rolling. Never was a handle more apt.

    Rather than protract this public show of chest-bumping, we can continue this via PM if necessary. This whole argument started because of my anger over people making useless and unhelpful posts, and yet this thread has devolved into a series of them.

    Mods, feel free to wasteland this thread.
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    Ha ha, "private war"?
    I can't help but notice how you utterly ignore arguments but choose to pretend that you quoting the smilies show anything other than my opinion of the quality of your arguments. Surely you jest.

    Earlier on, you even chose to quote the dictionary to show what arrogance meant, yet you consider the rolleyes "arrogant"?

    I'm sorry, but this a DISCUSSION forum, and frankly, I see no purpose in going PM'ing, as it seems like the only reason you want to, is to not having to respond to anything in public. This latest post of yours shows that you have no other intentions than to get this out of the public eye, so your personal third-grader attacks via my handle can go unseen.
    I cannot believe you'd stoop so low as to use someone's handle in an effort to attack the person. That reallly is third-grader tactics. It really does speak for itself.

    The argument between you and me began with you scolding someone unnecessarily and making ad hominem attacks on him. Of course, I, as other people have done, should just have ignored such stupidity and ignored this thread entirely.
  11. eji
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    Tosser, if your first post here said I'd responded disproportionately to a trivial offense, I'd have agreed and most likely apologized. Instead you've made a succession of posts in which you're guilty of every offense you're charging me with, though you operate under the delusion that peppering them with debate club buzzwords like "strawman" and "ad hominem" somehow make you right.

    Quite frankly, this just isn't worth the time and effort for either of us. But I suspect that having the last word is extremely important to you, so the rest of this thread is all yours. Enjoy.
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    Let's begin with the last part:
    Isn't it great how one can make all sorts of assumptions and accusations, and then preempt any response by claiming that if the opponent even response, he must then be guilt of all the accusations? And you wonder why I tend to roll my eyes at your arguments by way of a smiley?

    Just because you claim as much, doesn't make it so. Come now, show me where I have been guilty of what you say. Up till now you each and every claim from you have been answered and rhetorically proven to not hold water.

    Obviously you don't understand what those "debate club buzzwords" are, if you think you can claim I'm "peppering" them around. Look up the meaning of "strawman argument", and why such an argument doesn't hold water, and why it is ridiculous to use such logical fallacies, or pseudo arguments, if you prefer.
    The "ad hominem" is a personal rhetoric attack, or, we could say "character assasination", and such things doesn't have any merit either.
    Instead of making like those terms only are buzzwords belonging to a debate club, perhaps you should look them up, as I'm only using "them buzzwords" because they're an exact description of what you do, and continue to do in this thread.


    P.S. I'm quite surprised you haven't demanded my punctuation should improve, not to mention lowering my percentage of misspellings and grammatical errors.

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