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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by arn, Jul 15, 2001.

  1. arn
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    Hey all,

    This is a new section devoted to the Apple/Mac collectors in the audience. Post pictures, stories, info on your collections...

    I'll start...

    I was a big-time Newton fan, and collector. I ended up with almost all the Newtons produced. I don't have the Tarpoon as well as the Harris Acces Device 2000 (which may have never gone into mass production).

    Here's my collection: http://www.normalkid.com/collector/collection.html including some extra links to other newton items. :)

    If you're a fan of Apple design... definately check out the Apple Design book (see http://www.macbookstore.com )

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    Does size count?

    I have

    1xMac (128k)
    2xMac 512ke
    1xMac Plus
    1xMac Plus 1mb
    2xMac Classics (1 Brand new in box)
    2xMac Classic II (1 new in box)
    2xMac Colour Classic
    1xMac SE (800k, HD20 edition)
    1xMac SE/30
    1xMac II
    2xMac IIcx
    1xMac IIci
    2xMac IIsi
    1xMax IIx
    1xMac IIvx
    1xMac IIfx
    2xPB Duo 210
    1xPB Duo 230
    1xPB Duo 270c
    1xPB Duo 280c
    1xPB Duo 2300c
    1xPB 100
    2xNon-Backlit Portables with HD's
    1xPB 140
    1xPB 145b
    1xPB 150
    1xPB 170
    1xPB 180
    1xPB 520c
    1xPB 540c
    2xDuo Dock
    2xDuo Dock II
    1xDuo Mini Dock
    1xMac Quadra 700
    1xMac Quadra 900
    1xMac Quadra 610
    1xMac Centris 610
    1xPowerMac 6100/60 (in box)
    1xPowerMac 6100/66
    1xPowerMac 6100/66PC
    1xMac LC
    3xMac LCII
    1xMac LCIII
    1xMac LC520
    1xMac Performa 580

    1xMP 110
    2xMP 120
    1xMP 2000
    1xMP 2100 (touch sensitive glass smashed)


    1x Apple Tech Step testing tool for early Macs.
    The Mac Portables as listed above
    Upopened cassette tape for 512k
    System disks for 512k
    Manual for 512k
    External Apple HD 20mb that plugs thru Floppy port for 512k and 128k
    3xBlue apple university "Classic" mac carry case
    Black "Classic" carry case
    1x Orriginal beige/ hesian carry case with lugauge tag for 128k ("classics")

    Brand new posters and a tonne of brochures for apple products. I get them from work. (imacs, iBooks, cube etc)

    and thats about it I think.

    Contact me on stacksofmacs@mac.com with comments, suggestions or your collections etc.



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    To give some depth

    Just to give some background on me and my collection.

    The collection started in 1996 with my purchase of a Mac Plus whilst in year 7 at school here in Australia.

    It then grew enormously with my spending of most of my wage.

    I am now 17, just about to turn 18 and I think for my age and limited budget I have done well.

    The most expensive single item in my collection would be my orriginal powerbook DUO 280c, which I upgraded to a PowerPC 2300c with 28mb ram, a 500 mb hard disk and plenty of docks and bits and batteries. Prolly spent around $600US on it over the last 5 years.

    Also my Apple TechStep diagnostic tool I just picked up for around US$200.

    I got a saturday job last year in an AppleCentre in sydney (different to US applecentres. They are just resellers under the trading name "AppleCentre" and have no connection at all to apple toher then selling their goods)

    I am expanding my collection at every chance possible.

    Hopefully I will contact Apple one day and tell them of my collection, But I feel that they wouldn't care..



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    You don't mention the original all-out Flagship-showpiece of the Mac computers, the Apple III, of which I still have my original one from the early 80s, complete with original monitor.

    It is quite elegant for the time. Ha ha ha ha

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    Only Macs

    I only collect apple macs

    Not plain Apple's

    They are a waste of time (plus the three is worth big bucks) (I do have 12 Apple 2e's sitting in my garage however)
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    What do you mean, big bucks?

    But before the mac, there was the Apple.

  7. Retired


    macs used and owned

    owned at home

    1983 Apple IIe (somewhere under 10 MHz)
    1991 Performa 600 (33 MHz)
    1995 Performa PowerPC (60 MHz)
    1996 PowerComputing PowerTowerPro 180 (185 MHz)
    1999 revision A iBook (300 Mhz)

    used at school from 1993-94

    1980s Macintosh 128k or 512k
    Mac Classics, years unknown
    Mac SEs, years unknown
    Mac LC II and LC III, years unknown

    practical wish list (when my PC laptop is finally paid off)

    iMac or
    (if and when one or both hit 1 GHz...iMac is now at 700 MHz, not bad for an original 1998 machine that came out at 233 MHz and shocked the world)
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    ahh I still remember bard's tale series on apple III

    Anyone play Montezuma's Revenge on Apple IIe/IIc, I still consider Ultima 4 on the II machines one of the most entertaining games i ever played in my life so far.
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    I got a great deal for an OLD Mac 512k

    I got a Mac 512k at a flea market for $20.00!~ It came with the computer. keyboard, number keypad, mouse, all wires, apple printer, a 14.4k modem (i think), all manuals for everything, and all original disks, the lables ftom the disks are falling off but I got a SWEER super RARE carrying case from apple that was made for the Macintosh 512 ( and others in the same series)
    I think I got a good deal. Do you?
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    Ensign Paris

    My Collection

    Heres my collection of ¡Apple! Stuff:

    1x 128k Mac
    2x Mac Plus
    5x Mac Classic
    2x Mac Classic Rev. I
    1x Mac Classic Rev. 2
    2x Mac SE (1 SE Translucent)
    1x Mac II
    2x Mac IIci
    4x Mac IIcx
    1x Apple I
    2x Apple ||e
    1x Centris 610
    1x Quadra 800
    1x Proforma 5400
    1x Portable 1989 (Non-Backlit, No Screws)
    1x Portable 1991 (Backlit, Screws)
    1x 450mhz Cube
    2x Mac Powerbook 540c
    1x All-In-One G3
    1x Mac Duo 230
    1x Original iMac
    1x 400DV iMac
    1x 9600 350
    1x 500DPG4
    1x 800DPG4
    1x Powerbook G4 667
    1x Original iBook
    Most of the older machines come from my job (Technical Director)

    My father used to live near the HomeBrew Computer Club and bought an Apple I when it was **released / Jumbled togethor**

    My Translucent SE comes from a Net Auction.

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    Ensign Paris

    Contact Apple...


    If you tell Apple about your collection they will invite you to infinate loop to see there collection.

    I went once (after sending a million E-mails to sjobs@apple.com

    They have some machines I didn't even know about! Sadly I live in england so not many more chances like that.

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    My collection doesn't even come close to the others, but I'm happy with it

    1x Performa 6360
    1x Powermac 7200
    1x B&W G3 400mhz
    1x G4 Cube 450mhz

    Does anybody have the <a href="http://www.geocities.com/~compcloset/BandaiPippin.htm">Pippin</a> ?

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    Ensign Paris


    There is a Pippin for sale on one of these sites I cant remember:





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    The Apple III is not around much because it was very expensive at the time.

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    1x iBook 600MHz DVD
    1x iPod


    gotta start somewhere eh?

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    Re: Pippin

    I've seen a couple of pippin's on ebay before, but have never had enough money to get one (would rather save for an iPod) I was curious to see how others felt about them. Are they purely a collector's item or are they a worthwhile (although dated) game machine. I understand that it's an old platform, but I still have my nintendo, and super nintendo, and I play those about once or twice a month.

    Any comments on the pippin?


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    Sad though it is, here's my computer ownership history

    1x Sinclair ZX81 w/16K Ram
    1 x Apple 2e 128K
    1 x Yamaha MSX Music Computer
    1 x Mac 512KE c/w 2 x800K drives & Imagewriter 2
    1 x Mac LCII 8/80
    1 x Apple Newton 110 Messagepad & Fax modem
    1 x Power PC 5260 Performa 32Mb
    1 x G4 Cube 256Mb c/w 15" LCD

    At least I've finished with a bang...
  19. SPG
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    I've got a Newton that I never use anymore, and haven't used since just a few months after I got it. Calm down newton lovers, I'm just not a PDA person at all, Newton, Palm or otherwise.
    It's been sitting on the shelf and since I don't consider myself a collector I was wondering if there is any demand for it out there. What's it worth? Any offers? It's a 110 I believe or a 100? with a fax modem. I think I still have the box and packaging for it somewhere too.
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    Ensign Paris


    Doubtful but are you in Europe? or hopefully the UK?

    I am very interested, no idea about price though.

    My E-mail is newtonman@brooklineuk.com

  21. SPG
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    nope, USA Seattle Washington to be exact. I think I'll be over in Austria in December if that helps at all.
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    Ensign Paris


    How much do you want for it in $ and I will work out if I have enough after buying my G4PB.

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    Ensign Paris

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